16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Insect protein; positive impact to patients & planet

17 Nov 2022
Food For Thought Stream
Insect protein; positive impact to patients & planet

We share our planet with over 500 million companion cats and dogs, who consume an Earth-shattering 20% of the world’s meat and fish! Traditional pet food has taken its toll on our planet. In this session, we will cover a great alternative pet food protein source that will not only cost the earth but also has great benefits for the health of pets, whether it's for preventative health or in cases of food adverse reactions. We will provide further insights into this novel insect protein when it comes to its sustainability credentials, production process and performance versus a traditional protein source. We will provide more information on how to best meet the growing need of Millennial pet parents, the largest group of pet owners today, who are looking more and more for healthy, sustainable options when choosing what’s best for them, their pet and the planet.

  • 1. Why novel insect protein can be a great option to recommend for your patients.
  • 2. An understanding of the black soldier fly (BSF) ingredient and their protein production.
  • 3. How BSF performs as an alternative protein source for pets.