16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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It's a long way to tibia-rary - perfect your approach to long bone fracture repair

18 Nov 2022
Wet Labs (Gallery Suite 6)

The first step to repairing many common fractures is to atraumatically access the bone concerned; identify anatomical landmarks and the correct site for implant placement. This surgical wet lab will equip delegates with the anatomical knowledge and surgical skills to perform the surgical approach to treat common fractures of the femur, distal femur, tibia and radius/ulna.

If you have performed some fracture repair or never attempted it before, this session will increase your confidence to get to where you need to be, with minimal damage to surrounding soft tissue.

  • Increased knowledge of the surgical approach to access the long bones for fracture repair
  • Practical experience performing surgical approach and identification of key structures
  • Increased confidence to use the correct surgical instruments