16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Nutrition in the critical patient - the whys and how's

18 Nov 2022

This session will discuss the importance of nutrition in the hospitalised patient, with particular reference to critical patients, and the benefits of early intervention with supported nutrition in terms of patient welfare and outcome.
It will explore the various options available for providing supported nutrition, including commonly used feeding tubes (nasogastric/naso-oesophageal, oesophageal and gastrostomy tubes). The indications and uses of these tubes will be discussed as well as the complications and risks associated with them.
Finally, parenteral nutrition will be discussed, including indications for its implementation and the procedure for it's administration. The importance of monitoring patients receiving parenteral nutrition will be explained, including what this involves.

  • Understand the importance of early intervention with supported nutrition with particular reference to critical patients.
  • Identify the feeding tube options available and explain the indications for their use and the associated complications
  • Explain the indications for the administration of total parenteral nutrition
  • Describe the procedure for administration of parenteral nutrition including the nursing considerations and monitoring involved.

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