16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Ophthalmology - is this normal?

18 Nov 2022
RVC Equine Theatre 1
Ophthalmology - is this normal?

In this case-based session, we review images of horses with normal ophthalmic variations, cases with ocular anomalies and ocular pathology. We will provide tips and tricks for the ophthalmic examination that help differentiating between clinical normal, abnormal and pathological conditions. For ocular anomalies and pathologic conditions, we will discuss if they have a significant effect on functional vision and if the condition is likely to progress. This should enable you to provide the client with a reasoned opinion and help in the decision-making process on further investigation and treatment.

  • Recognising normal equine anatomy
  • Identifying abnormalities and pathologies
  • Reviewing ophthalmic examination techniques
  • Understanding if conditions cause visual deficits and are likely to progress