16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Saving lives - causes and consequences of acute kidney injury in dogs and cats

17 Nov 2022
RVC Clinical Theatre 2

Acute Kidney Injury replaced the term Acute Renal Failure some years ago. Using the word “injury” rather than “failure” recognises the fact that recovery can occur. The term helps to describe a wider range of insults to the kidney and encourages earlier recognition and treatment of these events, with the emphasis now on earlier treatment, and recovery! Kidney injury can be imperceptible clinically at early stages, but it is important. In this talk we will look at risk factors for, and recognition of, AKI in dogs and cats. It’s important to try and find the cause as prognosis and outcome are dependent on the cause. However, cause remains undetermined in many dogs and cats.

  • List the causes of community-acquired and hospital-acquired acute kidney injury
  • Describe the physical examination and laboratory findings that suggest acute kidney injury
  • Describe how to determine whether an animal with kidney disease has acute kidney injury, chronic kidney disease, or a combination
  • Explain how to manage a case of acute kidney injury