16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Surgery for brachycephalic obstruction in first opinion practice

18 Nov 2022
Exhibitor Showcase Theatre 1
Surgery for brachycephalic obstruction in first opinion practice

The phenomenal increase in brachycephalic patients has driven a need for corrective airway surgery and an interest in delivering this in first opinion practice.  This lecture will outline the conditions needed to deliver this safely to our patients, including the conditions the clinic must provide, the preparation of the team to ensure adequate levels of pre, peri- and post-op care and the equipment requirements.

Selection of suitable surgical techniques is part of this process and sensible techniques that can be used safely for most affected dogs will be summarized (rhinoplasty, staphylectomy and laryngeal ventricle surgery).  Mention will also be made of emergency and alternative procedures that should be understood by the team.

  • What my clinic needs to provide for patient safety
  • Which surgical techniques work best in a first opinion setting
  • How can we reduce morbidity and improve outcomes