16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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The role of finance in a vet practice

17 Nov 2022
Business Theatre
The role of finance in a vet practice

There’s not a lot we wouldn’t do for our furry family members, but pet care costs can often add up and unforeseen situations can leave owners facing unanticipated costs.

Fortunately, humm is here to help, offering pet parents a flexible way to pay, by splitting the cost into more affordable, monthly instalments, up to £30K.

will be joined by a panel of industry experts, to take a deep dive into the role finance options play within a vet practice. Is it needed? Or is it expected? Join them to learn more about the increasing demand for flexible payment options, and put your own questions to the panel. 

  • Why the need for finance options is expected now more than ever, given the current economic climate.
  • How finance options can help vets offer the best level of care.
  • How payment choice and flexibility can affect brand reputation and customer lo
Adrian Nelson-Pratt, Director & Head of Coaching - Vets Stay Go Diversify