16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Wooldridge - How kissing a frog can save your life - why doctors should learn from vets

18 Nov 2022
BVA Congress

My second book, "How Kissing A Frog Can Save Your Life", looks at how understanding the lives of animals can help treat human disease. It will combine stories of medicine, nature and travel to places including Africa and the Galapagos Islands to meet the animals discussed. We will see what the three vaginas in a kangaroo can show us about human IVF and how we can better treat asthma by understanding how a giraffe breathes. It will be out in early 2023.

  • - Humans are animals
  • - Animals have solved most of the problems humans have only just started to consider
  • - Human doctors must work more closely with non-human doctors for the benefit of all