16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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It shouldn’t happen..but if it does, be well insured!

16 Nov 2023
RVC Equine Theatre 1

What is the VDS:
• A mutual insurance company
• Run by vets, for vets
• Founded in 1865
• All 15 VDS Claims Consultants and 15 Claims Advisors are highly experienced vets
• Three equine claims consultants

What do we do:
• Cover for civil (financial) claims of negligence
• Representation for criminal and RCVS/VCI (Disciplinary) enquiries/hearings
• Arising from normal veterinary work
• Advice
• 22,000 Advice Calls last year
• Support with complaints
• Training
The regularly recurring negligence claims presented to VDS include:
• Pre Purchase Examinations
• Reproductive cases
• Delayed diagnosis (typically sepsis/joint infection)
• Human injury
• Anaesthetic recovery accidents
• Castrations
• infection
• herniation
• incomplete
• Adverse drug reaction: most commonly laminitis and steroids
• Perivascular Injections
• Wound management

Professional Indemnity Insurance is for when life doesn’t go quite to plan.
Things will go wrong. You will be criticised. Patients will die

Jonathan Pycock, Equine Claims Consultant - Veterinary Defence Society

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