14-15 NOVEMBER 2024

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Going Wild, the role of vets in conservation

14 Nov 2024
BVA Career Development
Career Development

I will provide an overview of the research I conduct to understand the challenges causing European hedgehogs to decline, with the goal to optimise conservation efforts through the knowledge gained, with a focus on the insights especially applicable to veterinary staff treating hedgehogs. I will demonstrate how vets, veterinary nurses and wildlife rehabilitators are vital contributors to, and collaborators, in my research- hopefully inspiring many more to participate in future projects.

The more time I spent in this field, the more I feel "conservation" is a very broad, and potentially overused word to describe the work of the veterinary community in this field. Over the years I have spent time rehabilitaing some of the most wonderful animals and although my experiences have taken me round the world under the guise of conservation, I still have a hard time placing myself "a nurse" as a "conservationist", feeling that my role is more routed in wild animal welfare that in species survival. Often when I raise this with vets in the field and they agree, I hope to open this topic up for discussion with the audience.


Sophie Lund Rasmussen, Dr Hedgehog, Research Fellow at Linacre College and WildCRU - University of Oxford
Sean McCormack, Vet, wildlife presenter, conservationist, and naturalist
Lauren Valentine, Zoo/Wildlife Veterinary Nurse - Marwell Wildlife

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