14-15 NOVEMBER 2024

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Suffering in silence: Spotting signs of feline chronic triaditis

14 Nov 2024
IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
Sports Medicine

Feline triaditis describes a syndrome characterised by the concurrent presence of pancreatitis, cholangitis and chronic enteropathy. Its prevalence vaires, but it is reported in up to 30% to 50% of cats diagnosed with pancreatitis and inflammatory liver disease. Whilst definitive diagnosis requires histologic confirmation of inflammation in each organ, this may not be always possible. In addition, clinical suspicion can be challenging as clinical signs vary with each individual case and are often vague, aspecific and overlapping with other diseases increasing the risk of this syndrome being overlooked and appropriate management being delayed. The speaker will review the pathophyisology of this disease, discuss a practical diagnostic approach and ultimately a comprehensive evidence based treatment strategy with the help of real case examples.

Susan Randell
Fabio Procoli, Head of Small Animal Internal Medicine - Anicura Ospedale Veterinario i Portoni Rossi, Bologna, Italy

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