Equine Programme

Equine Programme

RVC Equine Theatre 1
  1. RVC Equine Theatre 1
  2. RVC Equine Theatre 1
  3. RVC Equine Theatre 1
    Sarcoids and melanomas are frequently encountered in everyday practice. Sarcoid treatments have evolved over the last 10 years; we will review these treatments and I will present my suggested protocol ...
  4. RVC Equine Theatre 1
  5. RVC Equine Theatre 1
  6. RVC Equine Theatre 1
    Abnormalities of haematology and biochemistry parameters are common. Some are clinically insignificant and often self-correcting while others require immediate attention and rapid intervention. Recogn ...
RVC Equine Theatre 2
  1. RVC Equine Theatre 2
  2. RVC Equine Theatre 2
  3. RVC Equine Theatre 2
  4. RVC Equine Theatre 2
    Cervical diseases are common in horses. Ultrasonography can help us in the diagnosis of these pathologies. This lecture will show how to perform a basic ultrasonographic exam of the cervical exam and ...
  5. RVC Equine Theatre 2
    Diagnosis of pelvic and sacroiliac diseases can be challenging and not always straight forward. The use of ultrasonography can aid useful information in the diagnostic work-up of these pathologies. Th ...
  6. RVC Equine Theatre 2
BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  1. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
    An overview of injuries to the pastern and digital flexor tendon sheath detailing lessons learned from cases that did not goes as expected! Overview of relevant anatomy Performing relevant triage Trea ...
  2. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
    Acute severe lameness can be stressful and challenging. Such cases require good clinical decision making to alleviate suffering and provide owners with appropriate treatment options for the horse wher ...
  3. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  4. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
    Regional antimicrobial therapy achieves high local concentrations of antibiotic and has been shown to be of benefit in the treatment of orthopaedic infection. Appropriate technique is important to ach ...
  5. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  6. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  1. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  2. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
    Antimicrobial stewardship (AMS) incorporates multiple processes needed to sustain the efficacy of antimicrobial drugs in the face of the increasing development and spread of antimicrobial resistance i ...
  3. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  4. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  5. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
    Being called to any equine emergency can be extremely stressful. The idea of the horse being difficult to access, requiring sedation or anaesthesia in the field, the potential for human casualties and ...
  6. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
    The presentation will provide an overview of treating obese equines and will discuss the barriers to change that are frequently encountered when dealing with the owners of affected animals. Dietary an ...

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