Farm Programme

Farm Programme

11 Nov 2021
  1. BVA Farm Theatre
    Fundamental to flock success is the output of sufficient lambs for sale. Disappointing scanning results, expensive rams that don't deliver or too many empty ewes are common frustrations for shepherds ...
  2. BVA Farm Theatre
    Cattle and sheep farm assurance schemes allow farmers to demonstrate that the food they have produced has met specific, independently certified standards. Assurance schemes are no longer considered a ...
  3. BVA Farm Theatre
    During this session, I will cover a number of common presentations seen by mixed practitioners, and highlight some processes which will ensure the service to clients and animals is optimised. Recent u ...
  4. BVA Farm Theatre
    This talk will cover a smallholder pig vets guide to handling and restraint for mixed and farm vet practitioners. As well as clinical examination, dealing with common presentations will be discussed a ...
  5. BVA Farm Theatre
    The session will cover some of the common emergencies for first opinion practitioners including; obstetrics ( dystocia, uterine and vaginal prolapse), the bleeding cow ( post-calving or udder blood ve ...
  6. BVA Farm Theatre
    The presentation will demonstrate a practical approach to dealing with the most common backyard bird presentations in small animal practice, including a brief summary of how to recognise relevant clin ...
12 Nov 2021
  1. BVA Farm Theatre
    Cattle reproduction work has traditionally been the bread and butter of farm animal practice. As the economics of farming shrink further, the importance of delivering a successful, targeted approach t ...
  2. BVA Farm Theatre
    There is no prescribed way to approach difficult calving. Individual variations in patients, farm and situation will all play a role in how the practitioner will be able to undertake these emergencies ...
  3. BVA Farm Theatre
    A successful TB test is one that is thorough, safe, efficient and carried out with professional compassion. Three main elements have an influence over how a TB test will go – the handling system and c ...
  4. BVA Farm Theatre
    We are lucky to have so many vaccines available to us in the farm animal side of our business. However, many farmers still see vaccination as a significant cost with insufficient return on their inves ...
  5. BVA Farm Theatre
    Presentation will cover an overview of the goat industry in the UK, physical examination of individual goats and disease conditions at various stages of life:Kidding difficulties and Ketosis pre and p ...
  6. BVA Farm Theatre
    Lumped with a llama? How do you even alpaca your car for camelid calls? This session attempts to allay general fears about attending camelid calls, details first-line diagnostic workups, tips and tric ...

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