Gallery Suite

Gallery Suite

12 Nov 2021
  1. Gallery Suite (Sponsored Content) 1
  2. Gallery Suite (Sponsored Content) 1
    Radiography is one of the most useful and readily available diagnostic tools when treating birds. Good radiographic technique and proper positioning are essential in order to take diagnostic quality i ...
  3. Gallery Suite (Sponsored Content) 1
    Ferrets are increasing in popularity both as pets, showing and working animals so it is inevitable you will see them in small animal practice. There are many options when it comes to reproductive cont ...
  4. Gallery Suite (Sponsored Content) 1
    How are often are you presented with a box legs and feel yourself going into panic mode? This lecture will cover comparative anatomy and physiology, common conditions seen in practice, treatments give ...
  5. Gallery Suite (Sponsored Content) 1
    An overview of triage and assessment of British wildlife casualties in practice, including details on stabilisation and fluid therapy, therapeutic and anaesthetic doses, and species specific methods o ...

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