Non-Clinical Theatres

Non-Clinical Theatres

  1. BVA Careers Development
  2. BVA Careers Development
  3. BVA Careers Development
  4. BVA Careers Development
  5. BVA Careers Development
    Today’s 21st century veterinary world is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous (VUCA). In the past, new technologies and industry trends would take years to develop but, today, they arrive almost ...
  6. BVA Careers Development
    With a shortage of experienced veterinary surgeons and many practices finding it difficult to find assistant vets where are we going wrong. The profession loses a large number of recent graduates from ...
  7. BVA Careers Development
    Becoming a veterinary professional is such a strong identity piece for most people.  Usually we’ve had to be highly focused to enter our training, work long and hard to achieve our veterinary qualific ...
  8. BVA Careers Development
    To follow Take every setback or change of direction as a new opportunity.
  9. BVA Careers Development
    Feel you don’t deserve to be where you are? And you’re just waiting to be found out? That you’re somewhere good because of just luck or a mistake? Imposter syndrome can be defined as feelings of inade ...
  10. BVA Congress
  11. BVA Congress
  12. BVA Congress
  13. BVA Congress
  14. BVA Congress
  15. BVA Congress
  16. BVA Congress
  17. BVA Congress
  18. BVA Congress
  19. BVA Congress


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