Referral Stream - Gallery Suite 11&12




Referral Stream - Gallery Suite 11&12

Looking to learn something new and implement it in practice? Come and listen to experts from across the veterinary industry about their specialist fields.


Hamilton   IVC Linnaeus

  1. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    Want to learn how to appropriately manage anaesthesia of animals with cardiac disease? Come along to this session for plenty of practical tips!
  2. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    Learn how to assess and grade boas cases, how to perform an airway evaluation, perform airway surgery and deal with complications in practice. 
  3. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    Management can be challenging however may provide rewarding results in many cases.

    Identifying treatment candidates, outline treatment options, management of complications and owner expectations will be focus of this presentation.
  4. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    Sarah will describe case selection and approach to two clinical scenarios. Both surgeries are appropriate to be performed in general practice and both can provide an immediate and dramatic improvement in quality of life.
  5. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    Epilepsy is the most common neurological disorder and is frequently encountered in practice. We will discuss the possible underlying conditions that can lead to epilepsy and how to identify them. We will cover the medical treatment of epilepsy to give you all the tricks to manage these patients.
  6. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    The session will be targeted at broadening understanding of the options for management of canine hip dysplasia, a common presenting condition in general practice, to improve decision-making for individual cases.
  7. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    Is it ortho or neuro? Maybe it’s both. Come and learn the secrets of a meaningful orthopaedic and neurological exam.
  8. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    Open fractures are challenging cases to treat and inappropriate management at any stage can result in limb amputation. Learn how to assess and treat these cases properly to optimise outcomes.
  9. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    Traumatic wounds are common and can be very challenging to manage. This lecture would be suitable for anyone who feels bamboozled by bandages or disorientated by dressings.
  10. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    Small brachycephalic dogs commonly have corneal ulceration and other eye problems. A guide to their appropriate management, which is key to maintaining vision and ensuring comfort in these popular breeds.
  11. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    Therapy for mitral valve disease in dogs who are now apparently refractory to conventional therapy will be discussed. Practical tips on how to assess and treat these patients will be described.  
  12. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    What’s all the hype about stem cells and platelet rich plasma (PRP)? Come and find out. This presentation will give a clear and detailed explanation of these novel treatment modalities.
  13. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    Demystify and enhance your knowledge about vestibular disease in dogs and cats. 
  14. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    With many different surgical options available for treatment of CCL disease, and client budgets that don’t always cover all costs, it can be hard for first opinion vets to know what exactly to advise ...
  15. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    The presentation will give an overview of how to assess the patient following traumatic coxofemoral luxations as well as the various management options available and when they may be indicated.
  16. Gallery Suite 11 & 12
    Diagnosing which is the lame leg is not as easy as it sounds, especially in multilimb lameness. This presentation you will enable to get it right every time.

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