Non Clinical Theatres




Non Clinical Theatres

  1. BVA Careers Development
    In practice our time is constantly in demand, and it is so easy to let life happen to you, having your time controlled by everyone, and everything, other than YOU! Do you end some days feeling exhaust ...
  2. BVA Careers Development
    An interactive session in which delegates will be presented with a series of problems and dilemmas commonly encountered in general practice.
  3. BVA Congress
    The veterinary profession has been at the forefront of improving animal welfare at slaughter – using advances in animal welfare science to make evidence-based arguments for change. BVA’s campaigns for ...
  4. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19

    This session provides veterinary professionals the tools needed to confidently choose the best PMS for their practice by introducing the fundamentals of information technology and management in the veterinary space.

  5. BVA Congress
    The Vet Futures report set out an ambition for the veterinary workforce to be confident, resilient, healthy and well supported. But in recent years, there has been much talk of a workforce crisis, wit ...
  6. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19
    Recruitment and retention has never been more important, with over 50% of veterinary practices reporting a shortfall of staff in 2017. The profession is struggling to meet the need. This session will define veterinary leadership and why it matters for recruitment and retention. We will examine what type of leadership is, and isn’t, needed in today’s practice to attract and connect with potential team members; build a positive reputation; and progress autonomy, mastery and purpose for the team, ensuring individual career satisfaction and movement towards the common business purpose. 
  7. BVA Careers Development
    The veterinary market place has seen a lot change in recent years. Market consolidation and changing attitudes to practice ownership has meant that independent practices have had to change in order to ...
  8. BVA Careers Development
    The aim of the presentation is to equip those considering locum work with information on many of the topics that affect working as a locum day to day, from running your own small business to satisfyin ...
  9. BVA Congress
    Following on from the presentation of the workforce research findings in the previous session, we will be joined by an expert panel to discuss how the profession should respond, considering the releva ...
  10. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19
    Improving Average Transaction Levels alone is not enough - without increasing client numbers your business will fail. Both are possible when you focus on the customer experience.
  11. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19
  12. BVA Congress
  13. BVA Careers Development
    As you develop your veterinary career, you will want to maximise the rewards from your hard work. What value does your contribution hold? When, and how, do you articulate this professionally and objec ...
  14. BVA Congress
    Animal health and welfare in the UK has been inextricably linked with our membership of the European Union. Indeed, around 80% of UK animal welfare legislation originated from the EU. Although the Gov ...
  15. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19
    Attend this session to find out why your practice may not be generating a healthy profit and identify the top operational policies which will enable your team to achieve the success they deserve
  16. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19
    Finding, acquiring, designing and constructing new premises is complex, difficult and if done badly, can have disastrous and lasting consequences. This talk will help veterinarians and managers mitigate that risk.
  17. BVA Careers Development
    Most veterinary students start out by wanting to follow a clinical career. A clinical career can be wonderfully fulfilling but we hear much these days about stress and ‘burn out’. The early years of a ...
  18. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19
    Veterinary practice is a reactive, ambiguous and at times, stressful place. Too many people are out of 'Flow' in life and at work. In positive psychology flow is being in the zone; the mental state of ...
  19. BVA Congress
    Join us on Friday lunchtime for our fantastic keynote speaker, The One Show’s natural history presenter Mike Dilger. Known as ‘Britain’s most diseased man’ after contracting a collection of exotic dis ...
  20. BVA Careers Development
    Most practices take students for EMS, and we often hear from vets and students that it could be more structured. With results from AVS’ first EMS Experience Survey, we have an exclusive insight into w ...
  21. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19
    Do you work within a veterinary practice and want to benefit from the digital space, but don’t know where to start or would like to be able to recognize the pitfalls to avoid? Then this session is for ...
  22. BVA Congress
  23. BVA Careers Development
    Changing identities: Practice, Parliament and Policy Delivery. Anthony will talk about the key factors that have influenced his career choices so far and will give a personal viewpoint on non-clinical ...
  24. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19
    Put yourself back in control, gain confidence and learn key strategies to become the best version of yourself everyday no matter what role you have in practice. 
  25. BVA Careers Development
    Resilience is commonly suggested as a desirable, even required, characteristic for professionals, but what is it? The idea of rapidly bouncing back from adversity sounds good, and something we'd all l ...
  26. BVA Congress
    Advances in technology and telemedicine are changing the shape of healthcare delivery. At the same time, more responsibility is being passed from veterinary surgeons to veterinary nurses and other ski ...
  27. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19
  28. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19
    This session is applicable to anyone within veterinary practice who wishes to monetise the value their veterinary nursing team delivers during veterinary nurse consultations
  29. BVA Careers Development
    Des will present the philosophy and the tools which he teaches in businesses to help develop individuals and teams: . Clarity on the type of culture and values that you want within the business, . A b ...
  30. BVA Congress
  31. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19
    Driving sales in the veterinary trade is challenging.  Discover a way to motivate you and your team with the commercial side of the business in terms that excite, engage and drive you to do better. 
  32. BVA Careers Development
    There have been more changes in the profession within the last 8 years than in the previous 38 years, and there will be more exciting changes in the next 3 years too. What opportunities exist within y ...
  33. BVA Congress
  34. BVA Congress
    Vets will all be familiar with the concept of quality of life but it’s more of a mixed picture when it comes to how vets view their own role in relation to supporting and advising clients. A range of ...
  35. Business Theatre - Gallery Suite 18&19
    This presentation demonstrates how to organise and structure induction to reduce stress on new team members and help achieve consistent processes.  Stability and expectation of progression will increase staff retention.

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