RVC Nursing Theatre

RVC Nursing Theatre

11 Nov 2021
  1. Nursing Stream
    Hypotension is one of the most common complications that can occur under anaesthesia with potentially major consequences. This lecture will discuss the definition and pathophysiology of hypotension as ...
  2. Nursing Stream
    Canine megaoesophagus is a challenging condition, requiring a high level of specialised nursing care. As a non-curative condition, prognosis remains poor to guarded. Early detection and successful man ...
  3. Nursing Stream
    Diabetic patients have a complex endocrine disease which impacts many body systems. Currently there is very little veterinary evidence on the optimum management of diabetic patients undergoing anaesth ...
  4. Nursing Stream
  5. Nursing Stream
    Learn about procedures, steps, risks and requirements for safely and effectively providing a blood product transfusion to canine and feline patients. Transfusion therapy in veterinary practice has bec ...
  6. Nursing Stream
    Feline hyperthyroidism is the most common endocrinopathy seen in cats, presenting typically in older cats, and often made more challenging by the presence of concurrent conditions.It is essential for ...
12 Nov 2021
  1. Nursing Stream
    From seizing dogs to anaemic cats, toxins can present themselves in many different ways. In this lecture, we will go through the most common presenting toxins in dogs and cats over the last few years ...
  2. Nursing Stream
    An overview of surgical and non-surgical spinal conditions. Approaching the patient as a whole and not purely focusing on the spinal injury. Nursing considerations for the spinal patient, including co ...
  3. Nursing Stream
    The prevention of surgical site infections is essential in reducing surgical related morbidity and mortality. In this talk, we will identify common surgical site infections and their causes. Using the ...
  4. Nursing Stream
    What to prepare for in the event of a traumatic brain injury or the “brain” emergency. How and what to monitor for in a patient with potential increased intracranial pressure. Extending the monitoring ...
  5. Nursing Stream
    The future of veterinary practice is green. We will explore simple, effective changes to help reduce carbon footprint and improve the impact that the daily running of a veterinary practice has on the ...
  6. Nursing Stream
    Sepsis has a high morbidity and mortality rate, and recognising signs early helps save lives. In human medicine, they are further ahead with tools used to recognise sepsis, and nurses have more autono ...

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