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Advantage Smoke Evacuator

Advantage Smoke Evacuator
See the Advantage Smoke Evacuator in action on our stand!

The Advantage Smoke Evacuator is a filtration system which removes 99% of the dangerous smoke produced during surgical procedures.

Do you know the dangers of surgical smoke?

  • 44% of electrosurgery users are not trained on the hazards of surgical smoke
  • 27-30 cigarettes is the approximate amount of surgical smoke produced daily in the operating room.
  • 150+ hazardous chemicals have been identified in surgical smoke
  • 12 times higher recommended occupational exposure limit to solvent furfual

In Denmark, legislation has been in place since 2001 to ensure surgical smoke is removed at the point of surgery (not just from the operating room). Using a smoke evacuation system will remove up to 99% of surgical smoke.

The Advantage Smoke Evacuator is an aspiration and filtration system for the smoke produced during surgical procedures. The smoke, generated during procedures has a bad, strong and persistent smell and consists of water vapour, organic gas, visible or invisible solid particles and viral parts. A good aspiration and filtration system will eliminate bad smells and reduce the bacteriological and / or viral risks.

For more information visit our website - https://www.freelance-veterinary.co.uk/advantage-smoke-evacuator.html 


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