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26 Mar 2018

Alan Robinson reveals concerns about 'big changes' facing our profession

Alan Robinson reveals concerns about 'big changes' facing our profession
Resilience, leadership and the next 5 years…

Resilience, leadership and the next 5 years…

Human Resilience; we see examples of it all over the world.  Our smartphones and TV news anchors tell us about ordinary people performing acts of kindness and deeds of camaraderie all over the planet. People resettling after a war, victims recovering from a crime, voters rebuking political corruption and communities rebuilding after a natural disaster; all are examples of human resilience happening every day, everywhere.

If we take this resilience and scale it down, right down from a life-changing event to a person’s day-to-day routine, we can learn how to improve our own resilience and our own resolve, on our own scale…

I am Alan Robinson, Director of Vet Dynamics, and at the Vet Dynamics Business Bootcamp I will be sharing my thoughts and concerns about the ‘5 Big Waves’ due to affect the veterinary profession over the next 5 years (and how they will test your resilience!). I will be covering what impact these waves are going to have on you and your team, and how you can build up your resilience to weather the coming changes.

Wave 1: The Economy. It’s going to change dramatically over the next 5 years; financial meltdown, Brexit, Trump – something has to give, so what does this mean for you?

Wave 2: The Society. We’re moving out of the Baby Boom generation and into GenerationX and Millennials. What’s the fallout of these changing worldviews?

Wave 3: The Infrastructure. What does the corporatisation and commoditisation of employment, career paths and consumer choices mean, and how will it affect the division of clinical and management?

Wave 4: The Competition. Are corporates the only competition or are there other things to worry about too? We’ll cover ‘failing from the inside’, the cycle of being too busy and myth-busting why you do not need more clients.

Wave 5: The Technology. Artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality, biological nano-technology, communication, education - what do they mean for our profession and do they affect the value of information?

Whether you are a start-up, want to improve your practice’s performance, or are planning your exit, these changes will affect your choices.

Join us at the Vet Dynamics Business Bootcamp so you can prepare for the next 5 years. We’ll even give you a free Talent Dynamics profile to introduce you to psychometric profiling and how it can help perfect your personal leadership style.



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