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All natural daily dental treats

All natural daily dental treats

Dogs daily dental care


The importance of ensuring your clients undertake at home dental health care for their dog


With the increase in smaller breed numbers and lifespan of dogs extending, it is no surprise that dental disease has now become the number 1 health issue affecting 80% of adult dog.  Alarmingly recent UK research highlighted that just 14% of dog owners take their dog to their local  veterinarian for dental care and  98% of dog owners admit to not giving their dog at home dental care such as brushing their dog’s teeth. 


This extensive delta of dogs affected and those actually receiving treatment reinforce the need for veterinarians to ensure their clients undertake at home dental care with their dog.   


Whilst brushing a dog’s teeth for a set period of time is always the ideal, most dog owners would happily confess that this is something that they  and their dog is not going to enjoy doing leading to poor compliance and the continual increase of dental health issues. 


Alternatives to brushing include scientifically proven dental chews that works to mechanically clean the teeth while the dog chews.  WHIMZEES, a brand owned by a pet passionate team have developed the new BRUSHZEES to specifically combat this problem.  BRUSHZEES include only all natural ingredients that are crafted into a unique design with a firmer texture that is scientifically proven to promote dental health*. Key benefits include:


  • 80% more effective at  plaque reduction than the leading competitor
  • A  triple action benefit with the following results seen after just 28 days:  
    • 62% less tartar build up
    • 31% less plaque accumulation
    • 43% improvement in breath odour.
  • Last up to 3 times longer than other chews to help keep dogs occupied for longer as well as achieve a longer period of active brushing while they chew

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