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14 May 2020

Are you a Well Vet?

Are you a Well Vet?

The veterinary profession’s only mind, body, soul wellbeing event is returning on Saturday 23rd May 2020 – virtually.

At any major veterinary gathering, the size of theatres hosting clinical content versus wellbeing sessions is a good indication on where the preference for betterment lie. However, for the veterinary profession, personal mental, physical health and wellbeing are said to be linked to professional and clinical performance. The COVID-19 lockdown has since amplified the need for the veterinary profession to take their wellbeing seriously, and finally drop the stigma associated with mental health.

So, the return of WellVet virtually on Saturday 23rd May couldn’t have come at a better time.

The veterinary profession’s only mind, body, soul wellbeing event is now in its third year. It focusses on proactive wellbeing tools for individuals to discover and develop ways to improve their mental and physical health. The day-long programme taking place will start with meditation and yoga sessions. The bulk of the day will include plenary sessions and workshops on hot topics such as change management and establishing a ‘new normal’ and dealing with anxiety.

Liz Barton, WellVet co-founder said, “The point of the WellVet initiative is to enable people to develop mind, body and soul wellbeing practices – their own bespoke toolkit – to help them live happier and healthier through the challenges life presents. We take a proactive and preventative approach in pet healthcare and we need to apply this methodology to our own wellbeing’.

In the wake of lockdown measures, the team behind the event are looking for volunteers and supporters to help them deliver a programme of support relevant for all veterinary professionals and teams.

Alongside the workshops, the virtual event will include sessions from healthy cooking to Bootcamp style workouts, crafting and a pub quiz. Liz says, “There really is something for everyone, with exceptional session leaders talking through solutions and support mechanisms. Previous feedback from events has been extremely positive, even life-changing for some - and we are excited to take this opportunity to reach more members of the profession”.

To attend or volunteer at WellVet 2020, please email info@wellvet.co.uk, follow WellVet on social media, or check the website www.wellvet.co.uk



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