14-15 NOVEMBER 2024

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14 Nov 2022



BSA Community Program -  Helping those who neet it most:

336 007 lbs of donated food

384 free units sent for patients from shelters

7800 antiparasite treatments in shelter’s animals 

4000 £/month in free medical support 

4000 lbs of clinical material sent to Ukranian animals

The Animal Blood Bank is a specialized organization that aims to help cats and dogs who have a critical illness and for whom a blood transfusion can be life saver. Our gool is to help as many animals as possible, ensuring none of them dies due to difficult access to blood transfusions or lack of reliable sources of blood componentes. BSA has haemocomponent safety and donors welfare high standards. Help us in our journey by letting your cat or dog be a blood donor, and lets make this a better world with the same opportunities for our pets.


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