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01 Sep 2022

Dogs Survive Shooting & Airstrikes in War Against Ukraine

Dogs Survive Shooting & Airstrikes in War Against Ukraine
Now Paralyzed & in Need of Forever Home

After leaving the British army, Tom’s passion became solely focused on areas of neglect, corruption, and abuse towards animals. Over the course of 2 years, BTC has saved thousands of animals. Among those saved were two special dogs - Johnny and Phoenix. Johnny and Phoenix: Two Ukrainian Underdogs Rescued When Johnny was found, he had been shot by the Russian military and left with his back legs paralyzed. This forced Johnny to drag himself around for over 2 miles, searching for help. Phoenix was struck by an airstrike that took his two back feet and left his front paw injured. Both animals had been left severely injured, unable to walk, left to die, but had the will to survive. With the help of a Ukrainian Rescue, BTC was able to rescue these two (along with many others) and provide them with the proper shelter and medical attention needed to treat their injuries.

When Tom reached out to Walkin’ Pets, a US-based pet mobility company, and shared both Johnny and Phoenix’s stories, the Walkin’ Pets team jumped in to help. Donating two Walkin’ Wheels dog wheelchairs to Johnny and Phoenix. The wheelchair’s support would help the two dogs learn to walk again with assistance and regain their independence. “Johnny is an absolute lunatic; he just wants to be running around. I know the moment we put him in that wheelchair, and he gets the grips of it, he’s going to be off. I am not looking forward to chasing after him,” Tom said jokingly. “The wheelchair will also help him gain some strength in his back legs. It will be a great tool for them both mentally and physically.” Now well on their way to recovery, Johnny and Phoenix are ready to find their forever homes. Breaking the Chains is searching for loving families who are willing to provide them with ongoing care and tend to the dog’s special needs. Breaking the Chains needs our help now more than ever. The organization relies entirely on donations and support to continue its rescue work. Contributions of any kind are appreciated and will help save the lives of thousands of more animals, like Johnny and Phoenix. Visit Booth #F63 at The London Vet Show 2022 to learn more about Walkin’ Pets and the many pet mobility solutions available.


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