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Dragon' Medical Practice Edition 4 with Dragon Veterinary is an opportunity to make your clinic more efficient.

Dragon' Medical Practice Edition 4 with Dragon Veterinary is an opportunity to make your clinic more efficient.

Our software allows you to dictate your notes instead of typing them by integrating directly with your practice management software. This allows veterinarians to spend more time doing what is important to them, whether it be seeing more patients, taking a proper lunch break, or spending more time with family and friends outside of work.  


Veterinarians can dictate an average of 150 words per minute, three times faster than using a keyboard. Our customers boast that Dragon helps them save up to 3 hours every day! Using Dragon also allows your clinic to avoid the costs of paying for a transcriptionist, while increasing profits by increasing the number of patients that can be seen every day.


By speaking directly into our PowerMic, our software will do all the hard work for you by transcribing your notes directly into your practice management software – all you have to do is talk. In addition to charting, our technology can be used to create referral letters, client communications, and other patient notes into your favorite word processor, notepad, or email platform, all with no spelling errors thanks to our comprehensive veterinary vocabulary.  


Using advanced voice recognition technology, our program learns the voice and speech patterns of the individual user. This means that the more you use it, the smarter it becomes. After a week of using Dragon, accuracy will surpass 99% and you will have already begun saving money and increasing efficiency.  


You can learn more at our interactive session Thursday, November 15 at 9:30 or visit us at booth T48! If you miss us we also free virtual demos of our products through our website, where our tech specialists can show you our product in action. To book one: visit https://dragonveterinary.co.uk.


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