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GAMA makes complying with RCVS Infection Control guidelines simple

GAMA makes complying with RCVS Infection Control guidelines simple
Clinell products from GAMA Healthcare.
GAMA Healthcare is a specialist infection control company; we are one of the largest suppliers of wet wipes to the NHS, and stand at the forefront of infection prevention and control (IPC).

Veterinary practice is under increasing pressure to reduce Healthcare Associated Infections (HAIs), with strengthening of Standard Operating Procedures to protect the safety of patients, owners and staff. That’s where GAMA products can be invaluable, providing highly effective, yet easy-to-use solutions to everyday problems that can help you conform to RCVS Infection Control guidelines.

Clinell products from GAMA Healthcare can help you achieve your goal of providing safe, effective care. We collaborate with experienced IPC professionals to develop and provide the best products and after-sales support available.

Why choose wipes?

Wipes are ready-to-use and quantifiable; the results are predictable because they are loaded with exactly the right amount of formula to do their job properly. Sprays and blue roll, on the other hand, can only give ‘more or less’ results, depending on how the spray is working, how much is used and how weak or strong the solution is. There’s greater risk of user error when using sprays and blue roll and if the solution is not changed regularly you could be doing more harm than good by spreading infection.

Clinell Universal Wipes – ideal for veterinary practices

Clinell Universal Wipes give you a one-step solution for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces and non-invasive medical devices that’s safe to use on most types of rubber, plastic and metal. They contain a unique, patented antimicrobial formula effective against common veterinary bacteria and viruses (including MRSP and Kennel cough) and have been tested and proven to clean and kill germs from 10 seconds in dirty conditions, unlike most spray solutions. Take a pack back to your practice to try for yourself – just visit the GAMA Healthcare stand and ask for your free 40 wipe sample pack.

“Clinell provide products that not only support improved infection control, but ultimately patient care.” Lorraine Jackson, Senior Veterinary Nurse, University of Glasgow Small Animal Hospital

“Since using Clinell Wipes in practice, our infection control audits have been improving.” Rebecca Redfern, Senior Theatre Nurse at Pride Veterinary Centre, Derby.

From effective yet skin-friendly Detergent Wipes for general cleaning to Sporicidal Wipes, the most powerful wipes in the world, that kill all known pathogenic microorganisms including Canine Parvovirus in dirty conditions, GAMA Healthcare delivers infection prevention and control solutions you can trust. Get to know some of the most innovative and effective products in the world on stand M11 and visit our website at www.gamahealthcare.com today.





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