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13 Jul 2018

Introducing TVM UK

Introducing TVM UK
Introducing TVM UK

TVM UK is an animal health company dedicated to the health and well-being of pets and to the support of vets and pet owners.

Through the provision of products and the creation of educational support materials, we aim to improve the quality of life of pets in your care.

We specialise in key areas such as poisoning, where our mission is to make the treatment of poisons as simple and straight forward as possible, while increasing awareness of how to avoid the poisons pets may be exposed to.

As the only animal health company in the UK to specialise in the treatment of poisoning in animals, TVM has a range of key, unique products in their ‘Anti-Tox range’ to help with poisonings on a day-to-day basis.


EMEDOG – the new and improved apomorphine injection to induce vomiting in dogs with less waste and improved dosing to aid dosing accuracy

CARBODOTE – the ‘grab and go’ activated charcoal, in easy to use small bottles (1 per 20kg)

VITAMIN K1 (TVM tablets and solution for injection) – the antidote to anticoagulant rodenticide toxicity

ZIAPAM – the fi rst licensed diazepam injection for use in dogs and cats


Do you want to increase the awareness of common poisons to your customers? Ask us about our client materials, social media page and waiting room displays.

Latest support from TVM UK:

_ Product information

_ Emergency guidelines for the treatment of common poisons (including chocolate, anticoagulant rodenticides, grapes/raisins and ethylene glycol)

_ Dosing guides for Emedog and Ziapam

_ Guidelines for the use of activated charcoal

_ Client information including waiting room display, leaflets and posters

_ Social media campaign ‘@petdangers’ on facebook

_ Animated videos for use in the waiting room, your website or social media

_ www.tvm-uk.com featuring information and downloads for the practice and the owner

_ Lunch and learns


For more information:

Visit www.tvm-uk.com

email help@tvm-uk.com

or telephone 01737 781416


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