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01 Nov 2021

Low temperature sterilization process via Plasmapp's Medi-DSP™ (Direct Sterilization with Plasma) technology

Low temperature sterilization process via Plasmapp's Medi-DSP™ (Direct Sterilization with Plasma) technology

The STERLINK™ FPS-15s Plus sterilization system is a low temperature plasma sterilizer to inactivate microorganisms for a broad range of metal and nonmetal medical devices and surgical instruments at low temperature. This product is reliable and provides a variety of methods of sterilization.

STERLINK™ can sterilize medical devices by diffusing hydrogen peroxide vapor into the chamber or pouch. It rapidly sterilizes medical instruments and materials without leaving toxic residues. All stages of the sterilization cycle does not damage compatible instruments which are sensitive to heat and moisture. This sterilizer can be used for metal and non-metal medical devices and can sterilize instruments with high lumen characteristics and micro sized equipment. It consistently provides the Sterility Assurance Level (SAL) of 10-6, as defined by U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and international standards, only when used within the materials and geometric requirements given.

The devices have been pre-validated to the SAL of 10-6 based upon high resistance conditions, including lumens within the claim lengths and mated surfaces.

  • Pouch Mode - 7 minutes fast sterilization with the world’s first direct injection pouch and patented sterilization technology
  • Vacuum sealing pouches enable staff to have an immediate check on the sterile condition of the sterilized tools inside
  • Safe disposable sterilant cassettes
  • Express Mode (STERLINK™ MINI only) - 12 minutes fast sterilization
  • Double cycle sterilization process is applied complying with ISO 14937
  • Compatible with most medical devices and materials that are heat and moisture intolerable· Simple to operate, install, and monitor (only requires electrical outlet)


ITS™ - Instrument Tracking System

Instrument Tracking System is a real-time sterilization monitoring system. Analyse the actual usage data of STERPACK™, STERPACK™ Plus and STERLOAD™-provide them as device diagnostic tools. Provide advanced service that accurate data analysis immediate delivery to end users.

  • ITS™ allows real-time monitoring which enables before service and worry-free usage because problems are tracked and resolved remotely.
  • ITS™ securely records sterilization data in Plasmapp’s main server.
  • ITS™ monitors operation status of every sterilizer for on-time and accurate maintenance care.
  • ITS™ provides remote software update to maintain STERLINK™ with most updated software
  • Easy to use ITS™ mobile application allows direct access to sterilization records and sterilizer control.