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05 Apr 2018

New consumer friendly packaging for Equitop Myoplast'

New consumer friendly packaging for Equitop Myoplast'
Boehringer Ingelheim has launched eye-catching new packaging for Equitop Myoplast®, its leading supplement that supports lean muscle growth in horses.

The new packaging has been designed to clearly communicate the benefits of the product to horse owners.  It features a ‘Vet Endorsed’ badge to emphasise its veterinary heritage, together with an easy-to-read product description to highlight that the product supports muscle development in horses.  This includes ‘What is Equitop Myoplast?’, ‘When to use Equitop Myoplast?’ and ‘How does Equitop Myoplast support my horse?’ and it also has details on feeding recommendations, feeding periods and storage.

“We have launched new packaging for Equitop Myoplast to clearly communicate the benefits of the product to horse owners,” comments, Liz Barrett, equine business head at Boehringer Ingelheim.

Equitop Myoplast contains a unique blend of 18 key amino acids derived from spirulina.  These amino acids are the building blocks of healthy muscle tissue, so it makes sense to ensure that they are present in an easily digestible form in a horse’s diet.

Equitop Myoplast provides support for horses in training and competition, as well as young, developing horses and older horses that lose condition easily. In particular, many veterinary surgeons recommend feeding Equitop Myoplast during the rehabilitation period to support recovery.

Leading riders use Equitop Myoplast including international showjumpers Scott Brash, William Whitaker, Trevor Breen and Joe Davison. It is also a favourite among dressage riders and trainers including Richard Davison.

Equitop Myoplast is available as tasty pearl granules and is free of prohibited substances.  It comes in a 1.5kg tub and can be fed separately or mixed with feed. Horses weighing less than 500kg should be fed one scoop (25g) per day, while larger horses should receive two scoops (50g).  Boehringer Ingelheim recommends that Equitop Myoplast is fed for at least two months.

For more information on Equitop Myoplast contact your Boehringer account manager or visit www.equitop-myoplast.co.uk or www.facebook.com/equitopmyoplast.