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No Flap Ear Wrap

No Flap Ear Wrap

No Flap Ear Wrap - we’re the only wrap on the market that has a skeletal structure to stop it from sliding back over the ears, so the headache of rewraps can become a thing of the past. From hematomas, to lacerations that won’t heal due to flapping, we have you covered.

The No Flap Ear Wrap is designed with sturdy plastic spines that run up the back, keeping the wrap from sliding back over the ears when pawed at, or rubbed on furniture or carpet. The spines are accessible, and can be trimmed up to two inches in length, so each size can be customized to be a perfect fit for a variety of breeds within the size range. There is also plastic sewn into the collar piece, which acts to anchor the spines, and plastic sewn around the face to keep the shape of the wrap and stops the fabric from bunching up. The cinch strap behind the ears pulls the material in to hold the ears in place, and also creates a bottleneck point so the wrap can’t be pulled forward off of the head. We have two fabric options. Our pinpoint mesh material offers the perfect blend of durability and breathability, maximizing airflow to aid in healing. Our denim wrap is great for outside pups that like to rub on trees and chain link, or have playmates that play rough. With the No Flap Ear wrap, the ears are easily accessible by undoing the Velcro under the chin, while the collar piece stays attached. This makes it very convenient for checking the progress of healing. It also makes it convenient to medicate the ears, and the wrap can be quickly closed back up before the medication is shaken out all over the walls! The No Flap Ear Wrap is a great alternative to the cone, and doesn’t interfere with eating, drinking, sleeping, dog doors, visual field, or playtime. We are available through all of the major distributors, and you can learn more at our website www.noflapearwrap.com. You can also check us out on Facebook, and read reviews from our customers. It’s is our sincere hope that our product can make you and your patient’s lives a little easier.


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