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Borborygmi is back! Exploring the GP - specialist bond

Borborygmi is back! Exploring the GP - specialist bond

Season 3 of Borborygmi: Noises from the veterinary world podcast launched on Monday the 3rd of May 2021, with weekly releases as well as community conversations within the Vets Stay Go Diversify Facebook Community over the next 10 weeks.

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If Covid has taught us anything, it’s the innovative ways that as a profession we can learn and develop, connect and support one another as well as how we do business. This season of Borborygmi pops the hood on relationships between Virtual Veterinary Specialists and the 1st opinion practices they serve across the UK. Tune in to explore the GP specialist bond through the lens of case support, mentorship, harnessing technology, CPD, career satisfaction and more.

I would never ever, ever have scanned a heart without VVS. It just never would have happened. It's so difficult to find time to learn these new things, and if you're talking about doing a cardiology certificate, it needs to be at the right time of your life, it needs to be when you've got the time to commit to it and sometimes that just isn't possible. Like now, I don't think I've got the time or the brainpower to commit to that. But even doing an hour’s scan with VVS, you're learning so much and you're progressing yourself, and that's why the guys describe it as fun, because it is. That's why we all get into this profession. We do love to learn, because it’s fun to learn and to progress yourself and come out of that thinking, “Well, I just did X, Y and Z!” 

Kelly Burrow, Medivet Enfield 

So many veterinary professionals have laid in bed at night and worried about our cases. When it boils down to it, the GP specialist bond helps us all to sleep at night. 

“I think a big one for me was lying in bed at night. And just thinking “Have I done everything I can for that case? Have I missed something? Is it something else I should have thought of?” There was no one around to help me at that specific time, those constant questions that swivel around in your head and just stop you from getting the night's sleep that you deserve after being busy all day. I think that knowing that we can give people that reassurance by a simple advice call with a specialist or just making people feel confident enough to get someone else involved in the case and feel like they've got a friendly extension of their team in the form of VVS specialists. And I had a message a few months ago from one of the vets that we work with and it was exactly that, after our help she just sent a message saying thanks so much. I can sleep well tonight. And for me that means a lot. That's a big part of why I do it.”

Lydia Morgan, commercial manager at VVS

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Borborygmi: Noises From The Veterinary World is a podcast that is created and produced by Ebony Escalona, Naomi Mellor and Sophie-Jo Walsh, all veterinary surgeons themselves, who understand the value of telling the stories of the profession in order to create connection and community.

The concept of Borborygmi was born out of a discussion regarding their mutual love of BBC Radio 4’s ‘The Listening Project’, which records conversations between friends, colleagues and relatives with the aim of building a picture of life in the United Kingdom today. They subsequently decided to create a time capsule of the veterinary world in audio form, and the concept of the podcast was developed.

Borborygmi came alive at London Vet Show 2019 capturing the prevailing mood, and to hear from vets, nurses and students about the topics on their minds at the time.  Conversations ranged from sustainability, climate change, mental health and burnout, to baby loss, student debt, being in the public eye, and pursuing your passions. A special covid series followed and these conversations told of the toll of the pandemic on the working practices of the profession and the measures people were taking to ensure the safety of their colleagues and clients. There was hope, laughter, sadness.

Season 2 was supported by VetYou, and covered all aspects of personal finance in the veterinary profession in a human and engaging way. Exploring topics as diverse as money mindset, utilising income protection and how to plan for getting old.

Join the launch Season 3 in collaboration with Virtual Veterinary Specialists, exploring the relationships between general practitioners and specialists in today's world.

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