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After over 30 years of involvement in human diagnostics, Quadratech Diagnostics have now teamed up with VetExpert and Seamaty to bring our companies’ expertise to the UK veterinary market. Quadratech Diagnostics will be showcasing this exciting new veterinary product range at this year’s London Vet Show.


VetExpert was established in 2008 to support veterinarians and caregivers around the world. VetExpert products include rapid diagnostic tests, neutraceutical supplements, dermocosmetics and specialised diets. VetExpert’s award winning products are founded in veterinary medicine and they currently work with over 30,000 veterinarians worldwide. Our VetExpert Academy provides excellent training and advice to our valued customers and is available online.

The VetExpert brand also includes RAW PALEO – a line of high-meat foods for everyday nutrition of dogs and cats. Research conducted by the renowned Kantar * company in March 2021 proved that in the category of supplements for dogs and cats, VetExpert products are most often recommended by veterinarians and enjoy their greatest trust.

They are present in over 30 countries around the world, and their activity is often awarded in important competitions and polls, such as Product of the Year, Good Brand, Top For Dog or the Polish Innovation Award.

VetExpert is an independent science driven group where all products have been meticulously developed by their own veterinary scientists.  This approach truly addresses the needs of all pets and agricultural animals.  The selection of raw materials and the production process, as in the case of human food, are subject to constant and strict control. This is guaranteed by the highest pharmaceutical quality GMP certificate, and in the case of feeds, the selection of human-grade ingredients, i.e. those approved for human consumption. By scientifically thinking through their formulations, users can be sure that anything non-essential or just for show are not included in the Vet Expert range


We are also turning our in-vitro diagnostic experience to offer a range of compact laboratory equipment and rapid diagnostic tests. The Seamaty SMT-120V is a state-of-the-art fully automatic biochemical analyser for animal diagnosis. SMT-120V can test up to 35 parameters at one time with precision reference laboratory quality results. The analyser contains a built-in centrifuge, QR code reader and intelligent quality control. The system has a fully automatic operation with no need to add diluent or centrifuge and the test results will be printed automatically after 12 minutes as part of it’s easy 3-step operation: sample injection, insertion of the reagent disc and automatic result printing.

To complement this, Seamaty also have a benchtop haematology analyser that offers a 5 part deferential on just 20ul of whole blood.

Come and Meet Us! We would love to have the opportunity to introduce ourselves so please come and visit us on Stand C21.






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