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26 Mar 2018

Sri Lanka Vaccination Drive

Sri Lanka Vaccination Drive
Visit Sri Lanka with WVS

For the third year, WVS and Mission Rabies are offering the chance for volunteers to take part in our lifesaving project in Sri Lanka. It is a fantastic opportunity to join our team in Wenapura, just north of Colombo.

Discover the true Sri Lanka, walking door to door, identifying dogs and can getting involved in the day to day running of a vaccination campaign. Not only could this be through administering the lifesaving vaccines, but also drawing up vaccines, giving out proof of vaccination certificates to owners, marking dogs to identify them as vaccinated, conducting post-vaccination surveys, and distributing educational material. Therefore, you don’t have to be in the veterinary world to participate in this project as it is suitable for all volunteers, but you should be comfortable around dogs and other animals.

You will be trained in state of the art epidemiological methods using our Mission Rabies mobile application to record all vaccines that have been given. We will be monitoring the progress of the teams to ensure we are vaccinating 70% of dogs in this area and eliminating rabies as a result.

You will be working together with local vets and volunteers who share our passion for rabies elimination and protecting the local communities.

Suitability:Vets, Vet Nurses, Vet Students, Vet Nurse Students, Non-Vets

Location: Wenapura, Sri Lanka

Cost: £600 participation fee for 2 weeks campaign participation + £350 project contribution

More information at: http://www.missionrabies.com/volunteer/sri-lanka-vaccination-drive




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