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23 Aug 2019

The Future For WildWash

The Future For WildWash
A refill centre

As a company we have always looked forward for ways to improve what is available for the pet and equine industry. We started our business with a clear ethos to produce natural honest products that were good for our pets and good for the environment. We have never stopped improving the products and services we can offer.


Our products speak for themselves with countless happy customers and wonderful testimonials which show that our products have really made a difference to the lives of the pets that use them.


For the past couple of years, our energies have been spent on looking at all parts of our business to make sure we are achieving our goals to look after the environment. We truly believe this is a fundamental necessity, as longevity for all of us depends on us taking responsibility for what we do to the world we live in.


Our first step has been to set up WildWash Refill Centres all over the world to help save on single use plastics. Customers can purchase our shampoos and instead of throwing the bottles away once the shampoo has been used, they can go to their nearest refill centre with their empty bottle and top up their shampoo at a hugely discounted price. This means there will be less plastic waste, and it also helps to alter mindsets to the need to reuse plastic, rather than dispose of it.


The apothecary that makes our products has also taken on a big promise to refuse to accept disposable plastic packaging and in addition to their effort in sustainability and environmental concern, they are actively pursuing wind and solar power to be the energy that produces all of our products.


Our latest strive towards our continual development towards sustainability is very exciting. We are looking to use recycled plastic components for all our products where possible.

We will be the first company in the world, ahead even of companies such as Procter and Gamble and Unilever to use a fully recycled pump on our 300ml WildWash Pro and WildWash Equine Shampoos and Conditioners. This is a huge achievement for us and shows how hard we have worked to deliver an Eco Friendly business.


We have been busy rebranding our WildWash Pet Range to be able to offer our products in 100% recycled plastic bottles with recycled lids and sprays. Again, with this range we will be the first company in the world to be able to offer a product with a fully recycled spray and this is a great achievement for such a young company.


We will never stop in our aim to continually look for ways to deliver our promises. We have many new products in the pipeline and will work tirelessly to make sure we lead innovation and set trends for the industry we love.





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