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The Veterinary sector in the UK

 The UK's Veterinary sector is, in many ways, in rude health, with strong demand for good quality, profitable practices in most locations from investors.Our detailed research into the Professions sector outlines Vets’ views on a range of key subjects, from access to finance to their diverse business priorities.

Access to funding and appetite for investment

Nearly two thirds of practice owners polled find it a challenge to access the funding they need to invest in their businesses. In contrast to other professions where the appetite for investment is high, only 35% plan to actively seek finance for business investment in the next 12 months; a further 48% won’t be investing while the remaining 17% are still undecided.

These results challenge the commonly held view that there is a strong appetite to lend from all major funders and with so many Veterinary practices feeling the challenge of accessing funding it’s clear that it’s a mixed picture out there.

Q: Thinking about access to funding, is it….

A major challenge - 17%

A minor challenge - 48%

Becoming easier - 9%

Never had a problem - 22%

Don't know - 4%


Economic outlook

Veterinary practices in the UK are best described as ‘cautiously optimistic’ about their prospects for the coming 12 months, with 35% ‘confident about the steady recovery of the economy’ and a further 35% feeling that while the worst is behind us, albeit with a slow path to recovery ahead. Over a quarter of Vets polled are yet to see a true recovery, which is the highest figure of all the professions. 

Looking at forecasts for anticipated business performance, around a third (35%) are hoping to expand. A higher number (39%) are expecting to tread water with a sizeable minority of 17% predicting a scaling down of their operations; as many as one in 10 expect to close down altogether.

Q: How do you expect your business to perform over the next 12 months?

Expand - 35%

Stay the same - 39%

Contract - 17%

Close down - 9%


Business priorities 

Paying down debt is the highest priority for 30% of the UK’s Veterinary practices, which is the highest of all professions; ‘achieving growth’ comes second followed by ‘standing still’

Q: What is your main business priority at the moment?

Achieving growth - 26%

Paying down debts - 30%

Standing still - 17%

Developing products/services - 13%

Investing in staff - 4%

Investing in equipment / assets - 9%



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