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09 May 2019

Training-Progress team up with Petaurum Solutions

Training-Progress team up with Petaurum Solutions

Team Management Solution from Training-Progress provides a framework on which businesses can schedule and prioritise training for their team members to ensure they are working consistently to the business processes. 

Training-Progress is not a training provider as such, but through its Diamond Start-Up Package, provides a range of training materials for practices to edit and use.  The employee handbook by Petaurum Solutions will be a valuable addition to that content library.


Training-Progress allows you to track your team members’ training and their acknowledgement of shared information.   Having your employee handbook live on your Training-Progress system allows you to ensure all your team members have acknowledged receipt of each section; have constant access for reference; are able to view and acknowledge amendments.

Laura Shaw from Training-Progress said ‘We are delighted to be working with the team from Petaurum (www.petaurumsolutions.co.uk) to provide high-quality HR content for our clients.  Having the correct content and ensuring your team has easy access to it, protects the rights and needs of both the business and their employees.‘

Adam Davey from Petauruam said ‘Training-Progress is an excellent tool to ensure the whole team is aware of their responsibilities and obligations and that they are
kept up to date as these evolve.’

The relationship means that Training-Progress clients will be able to benefit from regularly updated HR content and be able to consult with Petaurum on business specific requirements.

To find out more about Team Management Solution from Training-Progress call 01423 313323 or email info@Training-Progress.com.