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VacciCheck - A Simple And Affordable Test That Allows You To Make Informed Vaccination Decisions

VacciCheck - A Simple And Affordable Test That Allows You To Make Informed Vaccination Decisions
Complete Veterinary Care distribute VacciCheck kits and a VacciCheck sample submission service for practices and labs in the UK and Ireland

It is well established that that once animals have received their initial vaccinations and have achieved immunity, the majority should have protection for at least seven to nine years, if not their lifetime. Dr. Ronald D. Schultz (PhD, Dipl. ACVIM): “The routine administration of vaccines in dogs has been one of the most significant factors in the consistent reduction of serious canine infectious diseases. This approach has resulted in excellent disease control for infections that were once considered important causes of morbidity and mortality. Although all veterinarians agree vaccines are necessary, the frequency in which they’re given is debated. For canine core vaccines there is excellent correlation between the presence of antibody and protective immunity and there is long duration of immunity (DOI) for these products. Antibody tests can be used to demonstrate the DOI after vaccination with core vaccines.”

VacciCheck results are reported as scores. The score itself does not matter, apart from to determine positive or negative titres. A score of 0-1 indicates a negative titre. It is important to note that a positive score of 1 does not indicate a positive titre. You cannot assume protection with this score and in order to ensure that your dog has immunity, vaccination is strongly recommended. A score of 2-6 indicates a positive titre and indicates that the dog has protective immunity and does not need revaccination at that time. A score of 2 is no less protective than a score of 6 - VacciCheck does not measure memory cells. A score of 2 indicates sufficient response to assume there are memory cells present that will generate a higher, protective antibody titre, should the dog come into contact with the disease. The scoring was developed through thorough research by Biogal Labs, in conjunction with Cornell University and Wisconsin University.


Biogal Labs and CVC recommend that a VacciCheck test be run after a puppy’s initial vaccination series, to ensure that they have achieved immunity against the core diseases. In order to avoid false positives caused by maternal antibodies or vaccines, the earliest that a pup should be tested is at 20 weeks old, with no less than two weeks between the last vaccination injection and the test. Research has shown that up to 10% of puppies do not achieve immunity after initial vaccination, for various reasons, including interference from maternal antibodies, faulty vaccines or the dog being a non-responder. A quick VacciCheck test can show if the pup has their own protection, and after ensuring that immunity has been achieved, annual testing is recommended in order to decide if and when revaccination is required.


VacciCheck is an ideal test for rescue or stray dogs, where the vaccination history is unknown. The fast and easy test will allow vets to check if the dog already has protection or if it is at risk. It is also an important tool for dogs on immunosuppressant treatment, where the risk of adverse vaccination reactions is increased due to a weakened immune system. There are also an increasing number of kennels and boarding facilities who are happy to accept positive titre test results as proof of protection, in lieu of proof of recent vaccination.


CVC offer two means of testing - buying a kit or submitting samples:


If you do not require the number of tests you would get in a whole kit (12 tests), you can submit a sample. All we need is 5μl (microlitres) serum in a clear or brown top tube, with a completed submission form, in a padded envelope, sent to the address on the top right hand corner of the submission form. Our partner lab will test your sample with VacciCheck and email the results within 24-36 hours.


In-house tests with a VacciCheck kit can be performed without the need for specialised laboratory equipment and they are user friendly and rapid. The test provides reliable and accurate results in just 21 minutes. You do not have to run all 12 tests at one time - as long as the foil on the wells that will be used for tests at a later date remain intact, the kit can be stored in the fridge and tests run for the duration of the shelf-life. Our guarantee is that we will never send a kit with a shelf life of less than six months (though it is usually longer).


Titre testing for core disease immunity has been available for many years, but high prices prevented many owners from accessing the test and made many vets apprehensive to offer the service. VacciCheck has been tested against gold standard tests and is promoted and used by vets and vaccination experts all over the world. It is one of the first affordable core disease immunity tests that is a viable option for most owners and vets who wish to use preventative rather than reactive treatment for pets. If you would like more information on VacciCheck, please contact CVC at info@cvcgroup.co.uk. If you are a veterinary professional enquiring about providing the test for your clients, please contact CVC from your practice email address.


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