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30 Aug 2018

Veterinary Collaborative announces #VetHour ' Twitter Chat for the Veterinary World

Veterinary Collaborative announces #VetHour ' Twitter Chat for the Veterinary World
The teams that bring you The London Vet Show (LVS), Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify (VSGD), Veterinary Voice (VV) and the BVA are today launching #VetHour – a weekly, inclusive, online gathering of the veterinary community to discuss, connect and share best practice around topics that are relevant and trending in vet work and life. The aim of #VetHour is to host solution-based conversations and debates by providing a platform for veterinary professionals to discuss and provide support for each other. 

A Twitter Chat is a live Twitter event focused around a single topic. It uses a hashtag to filter the conversation so participants can engage in the conversation with both the moderator and other participants. In the 10 weeks leading up to the 10th annual LVS, there will be a #VetHour Twitter Chat hosted once a week. During these weeks, a trending topic discussion will be hosted and moderated by an expert veterinary professional.

Rachel Kilmartin, Senior Marketing Executive at the London Vet Show explained that the idea for #VetHour stemmed from discussions and debates that sparked during last year’s London Vet Show.

“LVS is the annual live event that connects the veterinary industry to find solutions. During the event, we have so many important discussions and debates taking place both face-to-face and virally. But we want this positive momentum to continue all year round. Teaming up with VSGD and VV to create #VetHour gives us the opportunity to connect our expert speakers and partners to a wide reach - giving veterinary professionals a platform for discussion and a taste of what they can expect at LVS 2018.” said Kilmartin.

“The power of social media to benefit our profession is evident in groups like VSGD and VV. But a Twitter hour will add a dynamic dimension to the chatter and is a great space where professionals can voice their experiences and questions in a weekly slot that is run by veterinary professionals for veterinary professionals.” Said Dr Ebony Escalona, Founder and Director of Possibility of VSGD.

“#VetHour is providing yet another space for our positive and proactive voice to be heard and for our communities to gather!” Escalona continued. Often working in the veterinary sector can feel isolating – geographically and professionally. Whatever stage of your career you are at – there is always advice to seek, give and share. #VetHour gives veterinary professionals the opportunity to interact with experts and each other in real time, regardless of location, workload, career stage or available resources.

“The VSGD and VV communities are all about connecting people to enable them to support each other and discuss veterinary issues.” Said Danny Chambers, Founder of VV.

“We are very excited about the upcoming Twitter Hours as they are a natural extension of this ethos into another social media platform. Solutions to the challenges within our profession are more likely to be overcome if more vets become actively engaged in these discussions - we have learned that every single person who contributes provides valuable insight and ideas.” Chambers continued.

#VetHour will commence next Wednesday, 5th September at 7 pm. This chats theme is Mental Health: What to do if you are worried about someone’s mental health at work and will be hosted by Rosie Allister (@RosieAllister).

To join in #VetHour, all you need to do is tweet during the designated time (Wednesday 7-8 pm) using the conversation hashtag. Log into your Twitter account and search the hashtag #VetHour or the handle @Vet_Hour. From there you can follow the conversation and engage as much or as little as you like.

For the schedule of Chat Topics, please visit www.londonvetshow.co.uk/vet-hour


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