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You Can't Go Wrong Ordering Your Medicines Through Veenak

You Can't Go Wrong Ordering Your Medicines Through Veenak

Veenak has now been established for over 5 years and we have significantly increased our portfolio as well as done our best to maintain competitive prices for our customers to ensure that they will always receive the best product at the most efficient prices.

We have a unique ordering platform, which is very easy to use and all our customers are more than satisfied with the way our platform operates as it allows the user to keep on track with what they have previously ordered as well as saving their favorite purchases to access them with ease.

Our most recent project is to improve our operations processes even more so that our clients are kept up to date with items that are out of stock and products which are to follow for next day. Our main aim is to ensure that communication is kept vital between us and our customers especially due to the recent changes in the environment whereby the outcome of Brexit is still uncertain.

Our large pharmaceutical sister business which has been operating for over 35 years gives us an edge in our procurement, this is why we are able to provide such a precise service with the best pricing in the market. If you are interested in viewing our portfolio and are a Veterinary practice then please contact us on veterinary@flintlow.com so that we can help you further in saving money on your Human Medicine purchases.

Due to the recent change in the market and the large amount of practices being acquired, we do not prioritize any businesses and treat independent practices as well as the groups all equally the same. This is so that we can maintain a level of respect to all businesses respectively. We want to ensure that each of our customers remain happy with our overall service and this is what we will continue to do.

Finally, we are developing our portfolio in other regions such as now having a large amount of disinfectant range, so that all our practices can benefit in ordering a bigger basket of goods. We now supply Anigene, Anistel and G9 all available at competitive prices on our ordering platform.


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