16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Adrian Nelson-Pratt

Adrian Nelson-Pratt

Director & Head of Coaching, Vets Stay Go Diversify
An accredited performance coach and business coach, Adrian is a Director of Vets Stay, Go Diversify, an entrepreneur and Vetlife trustee. Alongside his fellow Directors, Adrian is working to scale up VSGD, introducing new career development and recruitment services to deliver on VSGD core values – supporting veterinary professionals in finding their career satisfaction through their #vetpassport. His experience as a business executive, leader, and people manager enables him to bring 26 years of business skills to coaching. Working at senior level, he loves helping to develop leadership, strategy, and operational delivery of plans. He's focused on helping people fulfill their potential and is driven to help people achieve their dreams, taking great pleasure in seeing how people become unstuck, discover their vision, and ignite their passion.