Liz Armitage-Chan

Liz Armitage-Chan

Liz Armitage-Chan

Reader in Veterinary Education, Royal Veterinary College
Liz graduated from the University of Cambridge, and understood internship and residency training at Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine in Massachusetts. She worked as a specialist in anaesthesia until 2013, when she joined the LIVE team (Lifelong Independent Veterinary Education) at the Royal Veterinary College. Her research interest is in the professional identity formation of veterinary surgeons, for which she was awarded a PhD in 2018 from King’s College London, and on which she has authored numerous publications. She developed the existing professional studies curriculum at the RVC to include issues relating to professional identity development, and has more recently directed her role towards faculty development in this area. Her current interests are focused on the use of reflection to develop one’s ability to manage complex situations involving conflict and uncertainty, and she is part of national and international collaborations working on this project.

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