Sophie Aylett

Sophie Aylett

Principal Veterinary Surgeon and Director, Meadow Farm Vets
Sophie Aylett qualified from Liverpool Vet School and briefly worked for the PDSA before settling into mixed practice work in Shropshire. In 2010, she and her non-vet husband decided to start their own farm only practice in Worcestershire. Currently running a team of 7/8 full-time vets, Sophie is very keen to promote well-being and job satisfaction as well as nuturing new graduates, not an easy task in farm animal practice where most of the work is solitary. Her practice were the first farm animal winners of the SPVS Wellbeing Award (small practice) in 2017, and are also the only farm practice to hold three Practice Standards Awards at Outstanding (Team and Professional Responsibility, Client Service, Advisory/Consulation Service. Recently, Sophie has joined the RCVS team of PSS assessors, enabling her to escape her overflowing intray and visit other exceptional practices around the country.

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