Vet Hour

Vet Hour

#VetHour - knocking down barriers to share veterinary best practice!

Welcome to #VetHour – a biweekly, inclusive, online gathering of the veterinary community to discuss, connect and share best practice around various topics that are relevant and trending in vet work and life. The aim of #VetHour is to host solution-based conversations by providing a platform for veterinary professionals to discuss and provide support for each other. 

The #VetHour concept has been developed by the veterinary professionals that bring you The London Vet Show, Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify and Veterinary Voices UK and the BVA. Hosted biweekly, a trending topic discussion (chosen by poll by via the Vets: Stay, Go, Diversify and Veterinary Voice groups) will be hosted and moderated by an expert veterinary professional.

This year the #VetHour conversations will tackle everything from Line Management to Diversity and Inclusion to the Art of Delegation and even dive deep into tough topics suicide prevention in the veterinary industry.


What is a Twitter Chat? 

A Tweet Chat is a live Twitter event focused around a single topic. It uses a hashtag to filter the conversation so participants can engage in the conversation with both the moderator and other participants.

Why join in #VetHour?

Often working in the veterinary sector can feel isolating – geographically and professionally. Whether you are a recent graduate, seasoned pro or just looking for answers – there is always advice to seek, give and share. #VetHour gives veterinary professionals the opportunity to interact with experts and each other in real time, regardless of location, workload, career stage or available resources.

How to join in #VetHour!

To join in, all you need to do is tweet during the designated time (Wednesday 7-8 pm) using the conversation hashtag. Log into your Twitter account and search the hashtag #VetHour or the handle @Vet_Hour. From there you can follow the conversation and engage as much or as little as you like (but where’s the fun in sitting on the fence?!)

What will happen during #VetHour?

#VetHour will commence at 7 pm on Wednesday evenings with an introduction from the moderator who will introduce themselves and a brief background on that weeks’ topic. This is also an opportunity for participants to say hi to each other. Then, the conversation will kick off with an opening question. Participants can respond to the question and each other using the #VetHour and retweet the most relevant answers. This will be followed by a short summary by the moderator which will then lead into the next question – and so on. The moderator will also share tools and links throughout the chat for participants to share and reference. The chat will conclude with the moderator thanking participants and the announcement of the next #VetHour

Previous #VetHours

What to do if you are worried about someones mental health at work

Theme: Mental Health 

When: 7-8 pm, Wednesday, 5th September  

Host: Rosie Allister -  @rosieallister


VN Takeover!

Theme:  VN Takeover!

When: 7-8 pm, Wednesday, 31st October 

Host: @JaneRVN and @VetsSGD


Farming and Brexit- what do we need to know

Theme: Farm & Brexit

When: 7-8 pm, Wednesday, 10th October

Host:Simon Doherty-@simondocvet

Locumming- Making it work for practices and you! 

Theme:  Locums

When: 7-8 pm, Wednesday, 17th October 

Host: Ben Sweeney


Is 10 minutes consult time enough?

Theme: Clinical small

When: 7-8 pm, Wednesday, 24th October


Vets: @OnswitchLtd / @UKVetVoices


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