16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Why visit as a nurse?

The London Vet Show: Not just for Vets

The London Vet Show is dedicated to advancing the careers of all areas of the veterinary profession. We put nurses in the spotlight, by giving you unique opportunities that you won’t find at any other conference.

We're devoted to providing highly quality CPD tailored to the invaluable work that nurses do. With content delivered specifically, no matter your area, we’ve got your back.

We offer discounted rates for nurses!

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RVC Nursing Theatre

RVC Nursing Theatre

A dedicated two-day theatre hosting clinical and career developing nursing content from the RVC. With speakers from the world’s number one veterinary school, the London Vet Show provides high quality CPD for all.

The Centre of Attention

The Centre of Attention

The London Vet Show is the perfect chance to speak to industry experts, recruitment exhibitors, and fellow nurses. Opportunities like this have been sorely missed during the pandemic, so get reconnected at the London Vet Show this year!

  • The highlight of the show is networking, seeing all the brands and just putting faces to names and asking questions that you don't always think about on the day. It's been really helpful in that sense. There's such a selection of lectures, sometimes I've struggled to choose which one I want to attend!
    Jess Sporate
    Nurse - London Vet Clinic
  • I attend the LVS for CPD. As a nurse sometimes you can be restricted to visit only certain areas, but here you're allowed to go to wherever you want. It’s really good because it makes you feel like you're valued and you're picking up different information from different topics.
    Suzie Jacobs
    Nurse – Locum
  • Today I've got some good positive wisdom: I did some exotic CPD and some anaesthetic CPD as well. I definitively learnt new tips. I attend the LVS for the learning, but also to meet with companies’ representatives and catch up with colleagues and friends. It was great, I saw some people who I haven't seen for a couple of years!
    Olga Sramko
    Head Nurse - IVC/Barrier Vets