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10 Oct 2020

World Mental Health Day

World Mental Health Day

Let's be open and honest. On any normal year - depression, anxiety and stress levels are disproportionately high in the veterinary profession. But in the s***show that is 2020, you’ve also dealt with a pandemic, changed your day-to-day lives and work practice and experience prolonged periods of uncertainty. You, and some of your friends could be experiencing mental health problems for the first time, some are still in isolation, some are still struggling because of inequality in the world.

Please don’t suffer in silence.

YOU ARE IMPORTANT: don't let another opportunity to take steps to understanding and improving your mental health

YOU ARE CARING: don't miss another opportunity to check-in on your veterinary colleagues

Today could be the day that changes lives for the better in the veterinary profession. If you don't know where - we have blog posts and webinars specifically for mental health in the veterinary profession available now.

ON-DEMAND WEBINARS to improve mental health: 

(Use code WMHD2020 at the check to get one webinar for free). 

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