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  • Walkies….. Has your dog gone mad for the latest TV ad causing a storm?

  • With over 300 years’ experience. We are one of the world’s longest standing general insurers. As the world evolves, so do the needs of our customers. With this in mind we aim to move away from paper c ...
  • DIY Digital Marketing Basics

    11 Jan 2019 London Vet Show

    Practices must continually acquire new clients in order to survive. And when it comes to acquiring new clients, digital marketing works. (That’s why it’s everywhere!)

  • At DD we use only locally sourced, human grade, fresh meat, fruit and vegetables to create balanced complete meals. We cook weekly in our kitchens, and test weekly in the lab, to make sure we're hitti ...
  • Diamond Care – a Grain Free Vet exclusive diet Made in the USA by Diamond Pet Foods   Diamond CARE are designed with owner and their pet in mind. When we set out to create Diamond CARE, we had one goa ...
  • Why not join the London Vet Show Fantasy Football league Set your team up on https://fantasy.premierleague.com/  and enter our league - 3075909-943859 Current Standings: LVS Employee Paul Lane has tak ...
  • Our software allows you to dictate your notes instead of typing them by integrating directly with your practice management software. This allows veterinarians to spend more time doing what is importan ...

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