16-17 NOVEMBER 2023

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Conference Programme 2023

  1. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
  2. RVC Clinical Theatre 3
    Wildlife casualties may be presented in practice for many different reasons. Working with these cases can be a fascinating change from more routine presentations, and hugely rewarding in the cases wit ...
  3. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
  4. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
    This presentation will explain a practitioner-friendly approach to musculoskeletal ultrasound imaging which encompasses a range of easily-acquired techniques - from basic 2D greyscale imaging of tendo ...
  5. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  6. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
  7. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
    In this lecture we will review the meaning and relevance of the results provided by automated haematology analysers, focusing on erythrocyte and leukocyte parameters. We will briefly review the differ ...
  8. Gallery Suite 8
    How to perform an oral exam and charting: What is normal and abnormal?
    There is more to the oral examination than seeing which teeth are wobbly! Learn how to perform a comprehensive oral examination and record your findings without it taking hours. Oral pathology is easi ...
  9. Gallery Suite 15-16
  10. RVC Nursing Theatre
  11. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
  12. BVA Farm Theatre
  13. BVA Farm Theatre
    Lameness impacts performance with subsequent reduction in efficiency and the treatment of infectious lameness is the primary reason for antimicrobial use in sheep. It is therefore not surprising that ...
  14. RVC Equine Theatre 1
  15. RVC Equine Theatre 1
  16. RVC Clinical Theatre 3
    Canine insulinomas are the most common pancreatic tumours in dogs. They are considered to be malignant in more than 95% of the cases because they almost always tend to metastasise. However, with a com ...
  17. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
  18. RVC Equine Theatre 2
  19. RVC Equine Theatre 2
    The fetlock joint is a vital high motion joint in the horse. Hence, we need to plan how to approach and treat the swollen fetlock. Firstly, a simple history and signalment can be an important factor i ...
  20. RVC Nursing Theatre
    This presentation will discuss common causes of patients presented with acute kidney injury, diagnostic tests, treatment and nursing considerations from a nursing aspect.
  21. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
  22. RVC Clinical Theatre 2
    In this session we will review the pathophysiology of effusion development, to consider how this enables us to not only categorise effusions, but also refine our differential diagnoses lists and prior ...
  23. RVC Clinical Theatre 2
    In this lecture we shall become familiar with the pros and cons of CT and MRI and identify ways to get he best possible studies. Reasons to choose one modality over the other will also be discussed al ...
  24. Gallery Suite 8
    Separation Related Problems: So many potential motivations
    The demise of the term ‘Separation Anxiety’ has been slow, as has the uptake of the range of more accurate terms now used to describe ‘owner absent behaviours in dogs’. The most widely used term is cu ...
  25. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
    This session will review opportunities available in equine practice. With the recruitment and retention crisis that is currently facing equine practice, it is important for both vets and nurses to kno ...
  26. Gallery Suite 15-16
  27. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
  28. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
  29. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
  30. RVC Clinical Theatre 3
  31. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
    Equine obesity is one of the biggest welfare issue for UK horses. As vets, it is our obligation to talk about it and offer guidance and advice when we are confronted with it. Such an emotive subject c ...
  32. Gallery Suite 8
    Advanced dental radiology: How to use your radiographs to facilitate extractions
    This advanced dental film reading session will help you identify normal dental anatomy as well as abnormal radiographic pathology. Radiographs are not just a diagnostic tool, they can be exceptionally ...
  33. RVC Clinical Theatre 3
  34. RVC Equine Theatre 1
    This complex joint can present a clinical challenge. Ultrasound in combination with radiography provides in-depth knowledge of stifle pathology and together with blocking can predict arthroscopic find ...
  35. RVC Equine Theatre 1
    What is the VDS:• A mutual insurance company• Run by vets, for vets• Founded in 1865• All 15 VDS Claims Consultants and 15 Claims Advisors are highly experienced vets• Three equine claims consultantsW ...
  36. BVA Farm Theatre
  37. BVA Farm Theatre
  38. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
    This lecture will cover the principles of how and when to give antibiotics correctly in small animal soft tissue surgery, with particular emphasis on when it is safe to reduce and avoid antibiotic use ...
  39. RVC Equine Theatre 2
  40. RVC Equine Theatre 2
    All veterinary surgeons who perform PPEs are at risk of a claim being brought against them. Reputation and experience do not provide immunity and it has often been said that if you have never been sue ...
  41. RVC Nursing Theatre
  42. Wellbeing Room
    A powerful and cleansing candle-gazing meditation. Come along to rejuvenate the eyes and still the mind through sight, the perfect set-up for another action-packed day!
  43. Wellbeing Room
    If it’s been a while since vet school, being back in lectures can be tricky! Try some yoga poses to help you to find your focus, useful for getting the most out of your CPD, and taking back to practic ...
  44. RVC Clinical Theatre 2
    Cushing's syndrome is the third most commonly diagnosed endocrinopathy in dogs, with a prevelance of around 0.2% and is associated with a poorer qualty of life (QoL). Trilostane is the most commonly p ...
  45. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
    In this short lecture we will discuss some of the ancillary tests that are available as additional tools to cytology in the diagnostic workup of canine lymphoma. We will briefly review the principles ...
  46. RVC Clinical Theatre 2
  47. Gallery Suite 8
    Separation Related Problems: So many potential treatment options
    Due to the range of emotional motivations and initiating and maintaining factors for separation related problem behaviours in dogs there are a wide range of potential treatment options depending on th ...
  48. RVC Nursing Theatre
    We will cover RECOVER guidelines, differentiating between BSL and ALS. Discussing how to be crash ready and how to get your team crash ready. We will look at post CPR complications and how best to man ...
  49. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
  50. Gallery Suite 15-16
    The recovery phase of anaesthesia may be particularly risky for animals with pre-existing disease or abnormal physiology. In this session we will discuss why peri-parturient animals or those at the ex ...
  51. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
    The fact that most canine joint problems were caused by humans is an uncomfortable truth. We spent 15,000 years moulding dogs to our ideal standards. The price they paid was the gradual accumulation o ...
  52. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
  53. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
    Patients with IMHA often present as an emergency. They can be critically ill and require intensive care. We will discuss how to diagnose cases and to investigate for underlying causes. Transfusion med ...
  54. RVC Clinical Theatre 3
    Delivering Bad News: Effective Communication Strategies for Discussing Cancer Diagnosis and Management with Owners
    The diagnosis of cancer in a beloved pet can be a difficult and emotional experience for both pet owners and veterinarians. In this interactive session, we will discuss practical strategies that veter ...
  55. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  56. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  57. Gallery Suite 8
    Periodontitis: What It Is and Why It Matters
    Periodontal disease is arguably one of the most common pathologies small animal practitioners are faced with on a day to day basis. However, it is also one of the most underappreciated and possibly un ...
  58. RVC Clinical Theatre 2
  59. BVA Farm Theatre
    An update on neonatal calf scour with a focus on passive transfer
    Neonatal calf scour is a leading cause of death in calves under 30 days of age. This presentation will discuss causes of calf scour and how you can manage these with an focus on the importance of good ...
  60. BVA Farm Theatre
  61. RVC Equine Theatre 1
  62. RVC Equine Theatre 1
  63. RVC Nursing Theatre
  64. RVC Clinical Theatre 3
  65. RVC Equine Theatre 2
  66. RVC Equine Theatre 2
  67. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
    Atopic dermatitis is a lifelong disease that requires ongoing management to maintain remission and prevent flares. It is a complex condition that involves a poor skin barrier, abnormal skin inflammati ...
  68. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
    Exotic pathogens are being seen with increased frequency in first opinion practice as more dogs are rescued and imported form abroad. Co infections are easily missed and can lead to complex clinical p ...
  69. Gallery Suite 8
    Separation Related Problems: So many potential options for psychopharmacology
    A review of the indications for use of psychopharmacology in separation related cases as well as how to select an appropriate medication. Separation related behaviours can have a wide range of initiat ...
  70. Gallery Suite 15-16
    Pain is an inevitable consequence of surgery and providing pain relief in recovery is of the utmost importance. However, pain is individual, dynamic and can be especially difficult to recognise in the ...
  71. RVC Nursing Theatre
    This presentation will discuss the pathogenesis of pancreatitis, diagnostic tests that may be undertaken and a step-by-step approach to the nursing care of the pancreatic patient.
  72. RVC Clinical Theatre 2
    Diagnostic bias leading to diagnostic errors is a common occurrence for all clinicians but every one of us can be blind to it and its consequences on our patients, our clients and ourselves. Examples ...
  73. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
  74. Wellbeing Room
    If you have a desk-based job, are short on spoons/energy, or just fancy trying yoga in a different way, here you can learn some poses while taking a seat!
  75. Wellbeing Room
    Whether you’re sat down for sessions or walking those pink floors for the exhibition, we could all benefit a breather. Let’s re-balance and give your circulation a boost
  76. Gallery Suite 8
    How and when to successfully extract a deciduous tooth
    In the last decade, the veterinary profession as a whole is realising just how common dental disease is. There’s increased awareness and perhaps increased incidence of dental disorders that affect the ...
  77. Gallery Suite 15-16
  78. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
    Diagnosing intestinal parasites through faecal analysis and interpretation of results can be challenging. This is particularly true for Giardia where many cats and dogs are subclinical carriers and th ...
  79. RVC Equine Theatre 2
  80. Gallery Suite 8
    Looking through the lens of contextualised care
    Contextualised care describes a holistic welfare-centric approach to veterinary clinical care, recognising that an infinite diversity of situations occur in clinical practice but that each one is uniq ...
  81. RVC Clinical Theatre 2
    This session provides a practical approach to diagnosis and treatment of arthritis in older cats
  82. BVA Farm Theatre
    Farm vets often have strong relationships with their farmers. However, this does not always mean that effective communication happens with regards to implementation of management changes on farm and u ...
  83. RVC Equine Theatre 1
    Colic is the most common equine emergency. Most colic cases will respond to medical management but, around 10% will have a life-threatening lesion. A key challenge is to decipher whether the horse req ...
  84. RVC Equine Theatre 1
  85. RVC Nursing Theatre
    This interactive session, co-hosted by cardiology specialist Kieran Borgeat and experienced ICU nurse Elle Haskey, will cover key points in how to manage the acute heart failure patient, from emergenc ...
  86. RVC Clinical Theatre 3
    Have you ever felt that joint supplements have limited effect but dispense them anyway because they have few downsides? Have you every dispensed gabapentin to an arthritis dog without reviewing the pu ...
  87. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
    In this session we will revisit both the historical approach and classifications for chronic and acute kidney injury. In doing so discuss updates and changes in the acute kidney & chronic kidney parad ...
  88. RVC Clinical Theatre 2
    This lecture will discuss and challenge some commonly held beliefs in canine and feline dentistry.
  89. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
  90. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  91. RVC Equine Theatre 2
    The presentation will cover the development of autologous stem cells for the treatment of tendons and ligaments and joint disease, including techniques, challenges and limitations. The presentation wi ...
  92. RVC Nursing Theatre
    Critical care nursing has come along way over the past 10yrs. We will look at the best evidence based nursing care that we can use to care for our patients to get the best outcome. Some of the complic ...
  93. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  94. BVA Farm Theatre
  95. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
    The emergency and critical patient often requires rapid assessment, diagnostics and treatment. This lecture with discuss the utility of Point-of-care ultrasound (POCUS) alongside history and physical ...
  96. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
    Urinalysis is an essential part of the investigation of any sick patient. In this session we will discuss how to recognise casts, crystals and other sediment changes which may affect your patient mana ...
  97. RVC Clinical Theatre 3
    All ear infections in dogs are secondary. Simply treating these leads to repeated cycles of inflammation and infection that result in the need for surgery. Most ear surgery is avoidable with correct m ...
  98. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
    The diagnosis of Cushing's syndrome can be complicated by the effects of drugs and comorbidities on diagnostic tests. In this lecture we will discuss the pitfalls of diagnosis and how to increase your ...
  99. RVC Equine Theatre 2
  100. RVC Clinical Theatre 2
    This lecture will pick on a key areas which might be under diagnosed in the field of small animal nephrology and where recent evidence base may indicate that we can improve or change outcome.
  101. Gallery Suite 8
    Veterinary Social work: What is it?
    In this talk, attendees will be introduced to a new field that provides mental health support to veterinary professionals; Veterinary Social Work. This presentation will cover the partnership between ...
  102. RVC Equine Theatre 1
  103. RVC Nursing Theatre
  104. RVC Clinical Theatre 3
  105. BVA Farm Theatre
    Dairy Farms are employing more and more technology and as Farm Vets its important we are aware of what is the direction of travel
  106. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
    The eyelids are critical structures for the health of the ocular surface. A number of conditions that may require surgical correction can commonly affect the eyelids such as entropion, neoplasia, etc. ...
  107. RVC Equine Theatre 1
    This talk will cover some of the main ophthamlic emergencies in equine patients. It will also include some tips on how to get the most out of the equipemnt you have and examination in field/stable con ...
  108. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
  109. RVC Clinical Theatre 2
  110. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
  111. RVC Nursing Theatre
    Take up the audit challenge and join the conversation with Vet Nurses Investigate LIVE! Sarah and Lyndsay will walk you through the clinical audit process, discussing the challenges and advantages alo ...
  112. Wellbeing Room
    You’ve no doubt got your steps in over the past couple of days! Back by popular demand, attend to your tired feet and legs with some yoga and myofascial release techniques.
  113. Wellbeing Room
    Set yourself up for a great night ahead by taking the opportunity to wind-down and rest! Relax in some peaceful yoga poses and learn ways to build Yin into your day.
  114. BVA Farm Theatre
    This session will give an overview of how Faecal Egg Counts can be used by your sheep farmers to reduce and refine their anthelmintic use. Help your farmers understand the level of anthelmintic resist ...
  115. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
    This talk will focus on the pathophysiology of DKA and a practical approach to diagnosis and management. These cases can be complex to manage and we will use real life case example to demonstrate a st ...
  116. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
    Difficult horses are responsible for many injuries to equine veterinarians. But what we often forget is that these are normal behavioural responses to an acute stresor for this species. This talk will ...
  117. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
    Starting out in dental radiography can be challenging. The first hard step is to obtain a diagnostic dental radiograph. Once this is achieved, veterinary surgeons may then struggle to accurately inter ...
  118. RVC Equine Theatre 2
  119. RVC Clinical Theatre 3
    Recognition and treatment of pain is an essential part of first-aid for any animal, but can be challenging in the more exotic species. Prey animals will naturally hide their signs of pain and response ...
  120. RVC Clinical Theatre 2
    This session will use clinical cases to exemplify the approach to patients presenting with effusions. We will review techniques for diagnostic and therapeutic thoracic and abdominocentesis, in additio ...
  121. RVC Equine Theatre 2
  122. RVC Nursing Theatre
    Have you ever looked over an ECG and felt unsure about the significance of what you are seeing? Do you know your accelerated idioventricular rhythm from your atrial fibrillation? Are you confident abo ...
  123. RVC Clinical Theatre 3
    This session provides a practical approach to recognising and managing acute on chronic kidney disease, a common complication of CKD in cats.
  124. RVC Equine Theatre 1
  125. Gallery Suite 8
    Veterinary Social work: What are the applications in practice and how can it benefit your staff and clients
    Veterinary Social Work (VSW) is a growing field, where mental health professionals focus on the human-animal bond, across many different fields. From supporting pet owners in veterinary clinics with p ...
  126. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
  127. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
    What is Equine Odontoclastic Tooth Resorption and Hypercementosis (EOTRH)? What causes EOTRH? Diagnosing EOTRH: - Spectrum of Clinical Presentation: - Disease Manifestations - Radiography Case Approac ...
  128. BVA Farm Theatre
    I would like to discuss common findings, issues and treatments of the small scale pig keeping , either it is for rearing or as pet keeping. Vets can see increasing number of pet pigs as well as few pi ...
  129. RVC Equine Theatre 1
  130. RVC Nursing Theatre
    Ethics can seem abstract, and yet ethics and values underpin everything that VNs do. This lecture explores approaches to making ethics more applicable and how ethical decision making can support both ...
  131. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
  132. IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream
    Addison's disease is an uncommon but life threatening endocrine emergency. In this lecture we will discuss the clinical presentation, clinicopathological abnormalities, diagnostic approach and medical ...
  133. RVC Clinical Theatre 2
  134. BVA Farm Theatre
    Backyard poultry are as popular as ever; becoming ever-more frequent on the small animal practitioner consult shifts. However, especially with the minefield of Avian Influenza, the legal and clinical approach to these cases can all too often seem daunting! This session aims to help shed light on some of the do's and don'ts to allow you, as a clinician in first opinion practice, feel equipped to tackle the allusive 'sick chicken.'
  135. RVC Clinical Theatre 1
  136. RVC Clinical Theatre 3
    Cat behaviour and physiology differs to that of dogs, they are great pretenders and often don't reveal what is wrong with them until they are near critical. When they present to the vets they often pr ...
  137. BVA/BEVA Equine Theatre
  138. RVC Equine Theatre 2
    Learn new techniques for injecting challenging upper limb structures like the hip and shoulder joints and gain insights into where your injectate ends up when you target the sacroiliac joint. And for ...

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