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Bright Minds Award Winners 2023

Since 2020, The Bridge Club has celebrated the tireless efforts of those who toil diligently behind the scenes to make this profession better. In 2023, The Bridge Club honours veterinary professionals in the UK at the London Vet Show.

Whether an individual is pioneering innovative strategies, prioritising wellness initiatives in medical teams, or effectively leveraging media platforms to shine light on the profession, they might qualify for the prestigious Bright Mind Award.

With the final selection resting in the hands of Veterinary Medicine members, this is an opportunity to come together and truly show appreciation to these outstanding individuals.

The categories were:

  • Practice Game Changer

  • Wellness Champion
  • Industry Influencer

Winners were announced on Thursday, 16th November in the IDEXX Advanced Diagnostics Stream

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Congratulations to our winners!

Practice Game Changer: Dr. Ami Sawran

Practice Game Changer: Dr. Ami Sawran

Dr. Sawran works in the field of farm animal veterinary practice, Ami holds a PhD in dairy cattle mobility and a CertAVP in camelid medicine.

She recently published an open access formulary to aid other vets. She is Clinical Director at Westpoint Farm Vets Chelmsford, with a focus on shifting practice culture and introducing wellbeing initiatives in practice. Ami sits on the SPVS board, BVLGBT+ committee, VetPartners Clinical and Farm Executive boards - all aiming to improve practice culture across the farm vet sector. 

Wellness Champion: Dr. Olivia Oginska

Wellness Champion: Dr. Olivia Oginska

Olivia works with veterinary teams and leaders, helping them create "human-friendly" workplace with psychologically safe culture and powerful intra-team dynamics, where employees want to stay and thrive.


She helps professionals defeat impostor syndrome, perfectionism and challenges related to the interpersonal dynamics within their personal and professional lives.


Industry Influencer: Dr. Janika Patel

Industry Influencer: Dr. Janika Patel

If you don’t follow Dr. Patel on Instagram, you should – she is elevating veterinary medicine by using her voice on social media.

Dr. Patel is a small animal locum veterinary surgeon in the East Midlands and a representative of the British Veterinary Ethnicity and Diversity Society (BVEDS). During the pandemic, she began inspiring people of colour to pursue a career in the veterinary field. She is also a member of the Veterinary Woman editorial board. She has 2300 followers on Instagram and we encourage you to become one of them –  follow her @JanikaTheVet!

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