14-15 NOVEMBER 2024

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Conference Programme Preview 2024

Committed to providing you with the best content, covering a diverse range of relevant yet inspiring clinical sessions from world class speakers, the London Vet Show's 2024 clinical programme, is truly where a passion for animal health meets professional excellence. We are delighted to bring you a sneak peek of the RVC Clinical Theatre 1, 2 and 3 programme line-up below! 

Join us at the ExCeL London this 14-15 November and gain up to 17 hours of CPD over just two days. Don't miss our inspiring lectures, workshops and sessions, programmed by the RVC & BVA, featuring leading speakers from around the world! 


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RVC Clinical Theatre 1, 2 and 3 Preview

Session Speaker
Medical Mystery Tour David Church
Canine atopic dermatitis – Why does treatment fail? Ralf Mueller
In-house testing for skin patients – sensible or waste of time? Ralf Mueller
Why, when and how do we flush ears in practice?  Ralf Mueller
What can we do with canine pododermatitis? Ralf Mueller
Is dementia really a "thing" in our patients? Recognition and management strategies Steven DeDecker
What's the evidence for corticosteroid use in neurological patients?  Steven DeDecker
Fasted & furious: what evidence is there for pre-anaesthetic fasting guidelines? Lydia Hjalmarsson
Help! Complications in the operating room during abdominal surgery and how to handle them Vicky Lipscomb
Laparoscopic surgery - tips and tricks for getting started and maximising its benefits Karla Lee
Extreme conformation in dogs explained – you will never see dogs the same way again Dan O'Neill
Where have all the red cells gone? Diagnosing IMHA in cats and dogs – similarities and differences  Andrew Mackin
Saving lives: Managing IMHA – the old and the new Andrew Mackin
My top tips for diagnosing and managing polyarthritis Andrew Mackin
Hot and bothered: A logical approach to the patient with fever  Andrew Mackin
Saving lives: Blood transfusions in cats - when can they be treated as small dogs and when not? Andrew Mackin
Saving lives: Emergency management of immune mediated thrombocyoptenia Andrew Mackin
Pugs, drugs and thugs: how to help your clients avoid the illegal puppy trade Zoe Belshaw and Rowena Packer
Pals or pests: what happened to all those pandemic puppies? Zoe Belshaw and Rowena Packer
Brave new world: What's new for managing diabetes in 2024? David Church and Stijn Niessen
Decision making in BOAS surgery: What can you do to really make a difference to animal welfare? Matteo Rossanese
Saving lives: Managing diaphragmatic hernias or rupture in general practice  Matteo Rossanese
Managing the patient with GDV – before, during and after surgery Matteo Rossanese & Stefano Cortellini
Decision making relating to treatment of hypertension: case discussions Sarah Caney 
Practical tips to support of anorexic cats Sarah Caney 
Brain before bladder: Management of Feline Idiopathic Cystitis Ellie Mardell
First do no harm: Top tips for improving your rabbit dentals Jenna Richardson 
Top tips for approaching the poorly rabbit and managing owner expectations  Jenna Richardson 
Common things occur commonly:  Diagnosing and managing the most common conditions in guinea pigs Jenna Richardson 
Take a deep breath: Why aspiration events don't always = aspiration pneumonia.  Simon Cook
Hocus Pocus: Imaging in the emergency room and for hospitalised patients – not just about POCUS Simon Cook
Cats are not small dogs - the unique challenge of antibiotic therapy in cats Angie Hibbert
Caregiver burden or not? Owners' perspectives on managing hyperthyroidism in their cat. Angie Hibbert
Look back and wonder: 15 years of LVS Class of 2009 



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