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  • Paw Prosper

    Stand: R21
    Our Mission is to curate and cultivate a family of innovative products that provide efficacious solutions to larger pet wellness challenges, engender the trust of professionals and pet parents, and le ...
  • Pennine Veterinary, established in 2012, specialising in Custom Procedure Packs, Pennine Veterinary are a small business who pride themselves on putting customers need first, excelling in customer ser ...
  • "Here at Percuro, we care for pets just as much as you do. Which is why we only use naturally hypoallergenic, low inflammatory ingredients in our food and treats. Including a real sustainability hero, ...
  • Pet Blood Bank helps vets to save lives by providing a blood service for pets.
  • The PFMA is the leading trade body for the UK pet food industry and our 100 members account for over 90% of the market. At the PFMA we focus on providing pet owners and professionals with information ...
  • Pet Remedy Ltd

    Stand: N52
    Pet Remedy delivers natural, valerian based calming. available as a plug diffuser, battery operated atomiser, calming spray, and calming wipes. Fast acting, non invasive, clinically proven, and suitab ...
  • Pet Vertex

    Stand: P36
    Think of the E & C Professional Horse & Dog Massage Gun when choosing a superior product, designed for horses, dogs and the people that love them. Create a memorable moment with painted portraits of y ...
  • Worldwide supplier of Swiss engineered ISO 11784/11785 microchips manufactured to our own exacting specification, certified by ICAR under manufacturer code 958.  Standard 12mm microchips in various im ...
  • PetBond

    Stand: TBC
  • PetDX

    Stand: C02
  • Petplan

    Stand: M11
    Petplan is the UK's No.1 pet insurance provider and is proud to have been working with the veterinary industry for over 40 years, offering unrivalled support for veterinary staff. We focus on covering ...
  • PetsApp

    Stand: F55
    PetsApp provides an app-based client engagement platform for veterinary clinics, enabling them to better engage with pet owners. 2-way SMS, Appointment Booking, Reminders, Wellness Plans, Payments, an ...
  • Photon Surgical Systems provides new and used equipment as well as servicing and repairs to the Veterinary & Human Medical Professions at realistic prices. We pride ourselves on our customer service a ...
  • Introducing the PhotonUVC Novel first-line treatment for Corneal Infections. The non-contact, 15-second treatment from the patented PhotonUVC emits low dose UVC light at a targeted area, deactivating ...

    Stand: C38
    PicoxIA is an Artificial Intelligence based diagnostic assistance tool for radiology. Avoid omissions, gain time, promote exams to owners: the solution has everything you need to bring your radiology ...
  • As comprehensive suppliers to veterinary practices and hospitals, Pioneer Veterinary Products actively work to improve patient care, maximise time and reduce stress daily. We achieve this through prom ...
  • PitPat

    Stand: N01
    We're leading the pack in pet health and wellness. Track your dog's exercise, weight, location and more. We got you.
  • Planmed Oy

    Stand: P12
    Planmed dedicates its effort to the development, manufacturing and marketing of advanced imaging equipment and accessories that provide a unique combination of image quality and ease of use for medica ...
  • Plasmapp has been established in 2015. We have obtained 26 FDAs and reliable quality management system to provide advanced plasma solutions in 54 countries. Plasmapp’s main product is fast low-tempera ...
  • Plasmapp has been established in 2015. We have obtained 26 FDAs and reliable quality management system to provide advanced plasma solutions in 54 countries. Plasmapp’s main product is fast low-tempera ...
  • PLH Medical can offer a comprehensive catalogue of imaging and clinical solutions to fulfil all small animal and equine requirements. Established in 1977, they have become one of the leading UK suppli ...
  • PraecisDx

    Stand: C45
    Praecis Dx is focused on antibiotic stewardship. We provide POC tests to help make informed, on the spot decisions about antibiotic prescribing, highlighting when antibiotics are inappropriate. All te ...
  • Leader in Preventative Health Care Driving clinical compliance and business growth Unrivalled technology and support, PVA is committed to developing world-class health plans – enabling delivery of gol ...
  • Prestige Medical part of Tuttnauer Ltd are a UK based manufacturer of infection control equipment and consumables ideally suited to meeting the stringent decontamination requirements of the veterinary ...
  • Proagrica

    Stand: C11
    Proagrica is a trusted partner in the global agriculture and animal health sectors. We are an independent data platform that provides solutions to help customers make more informed decisions. Proagric ...
  • Probo Vet

    Stand: J61
    Probo Medical is a leading Veterinary diagnostic imaging equipment and service provider in Europe. We empower Veterinary professionals to make smarter purchasing decisions by offering new and fully re ...
  • Vet approved nutraceutical supplements for dogs & cats. Products are oil based - either flax or fish & herbal tinctures or powders. Concentrated ingredients that are 100% natural, human food grade pro ...
  • Prospect Health is one of the UKs leading recruitment agencies, specialising in attracting and nurturing high calibre Veterinary professionals for practices across the UK. We operate across the Veteri ...
  • Protexin Veterinary is dedicated to producing innovative, research based products of the highest quality, providing a complete range of products for the veterinary market. Leading products in the rang ...
  • Provet Cloud

    Stand: E20
    Provet Cloud is a purpose-built veterinary Practice Management System designed to streamline and simplify the day-to-day running of veterinary practices, hospitals and universities. Easy-to-use, confi ...

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